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[] Chicago, Illinois - Yazsoft today is pleased to announce a major new upgrade to ShareTool, version 2. Crafted exclusively for Mac OS X 10.5.8 and later, ShareTool 2 lets you connect to all of the Bonjour services on your home or office network from anywhere in the world securely over a 100% SSH encrypted connection. This includes iTunes Music Sharing, Screen Sharing, File Sharing, printing, and more. You can listen to your entire iTunes music library at work, control the screen of any of your home computers, or grab that important file you forgot to bring with you.

And this is simply the tip of the iceberg. With ShareTool, it's as if you've never left your own network! What's more; ShareTool 2 now supports connecting to multiple networks from one simplified location! This is especially useful for providing tech support to your clients, assisting a friend, or helping a family member. From your Mac, you will have access to every single mac on every single ShareTool network you are connected to. All this is as easy as clicking a button. No technical know-how required.

Whoever said you can't be in more than one place at the same time clearly has not tried ShareTool 2. How is ShareTool different from Apple's Back to my Mac? ShareTool is similar to Back To My Mac (BTMM) but there are some significant differences:

* BTMM only works with Screen Sharing and File Sharing. ShareTool also works with iTunes, iPhoto, SFTP, and many third-party applications.
* ShareTool doesn't require a yearly subscription
* BTMM must be running on each computer you intend to access. You only need to launch ShareTool on one computer at home. Your entire network will be made available, including Time Capsules and AirPort Disks
* You can connect to multiple networks at once with ShareTool 2
* ShareTool 2 really is the ultimate Back To My Mac alternative

Some Key New Features in ShareTool:
* Shares your network quietly in the background
* No IP addresses or port numbers to remember
* Access all of your Bonjour services remotely
* Connect to multiple networks at once
* Save login information to the Keychain
* All traffic travels through an encrypted SSH tunnel
* On-the-fly compression for maximum performance
* Browse the Web securely from any WiFi hotspot
* Transparent SOCKS/HTTPS proxy support
* And much more

What's New in version 2.0.0:
* New: Completely re-written and redesigned for maximum security, performance, and reliability
* New: Network is now shared quietly in the background
* New: No more IP addresses or ports to remember
* New: Access all of your Bonjour services remotely - securely
* New: Connect to multiple networks simultaneously
* New: Transparent SOCKS/HTTPS proxy support
* New: Ability to save login information to the Keychain
* New: All traffic travels through an encrypted SSH tunnel
* New: On-the-fly compression for maximum performance
* New: Browse the Web securely from any WiFi hotspot

Supported Languages:
* US English, with more to come

System Requirements:
* Requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later; Snow Leopard ready
* 22 MB Hard Drive Space
* Internet connection

Pricing and Availability:
* $15: 1 User license
* $25: 2 User license (Save $5)
* $45: 5 User license (Save $30)
* New Bundle promo pricing also available

Upgrade Pricing Available:
* Users that purchased ShareTool 1.x from April 13, 2010 - May 13, 2010 are entitled to a FREE 2.x upgrade. Simply email us with your ShareTool 1.x details. Other registered ShareTool 1.x users can upgrade to ShareTool 2.x for the reduced price of $15 (for two licenses).

The Yazsoft team came together in 2001 to develop software expressly for the Mac platform. With an emphasis on total customer satisfaction, Yazsoft makes up a development team of 5 professionals, each responsible for coding, marketing, and total customer support. As Yazsoft's spotlight product, Speed Download is regularly updated to ensure optimal performance at all times. Copyright (C) 2001-2008 Yazsoft. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Back to my Mac are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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