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[prMac.com] New Port Beach, California - Real Time Data Services has announced its QuickBooks Enterprise cloud hosting. QuickBooks cloud is the term used for hosting the QuickBooks small business accounting Bookkeeping and financial management software on cloud server. Having a QuickBooks cloud service means that the small business has access to unlimited on-demand self service IT infrastructure based on pay-as-you-go model.

Further, the QuickBooks Application access is platform and browser independent. Thus, essentially the QuickBooks cloud computing service makes available the requisite IT infrastructure to run your application as a service and which is scalable infinitely and hence the need for local provisioning do not arise. Small business or CPAs should explore the option of hosting QuickBooks in the cloud for any of the following reasons:

* Setting up of local IT infrastructure involves heavy upfront costs which are compounded further with occasional upgrades and regular IT support and maintenance costs.

* Setting up the local IT infrastructure is both time consuming as well as technology intensive which may require dedicated technology staff.

* Access to the QuickBooks accounting application is required beyond the local area network as well. This means that anytime anywhere connectivity is desired which is essential for improving productivity in today's business environment.

* Proactive security of data is needs which real time security monitoring as well as automatic backup, which may not be possible to provide locally.

Benefits of QuickBooks cloud

A small business or enterprise may be using a multitude of business applications which might need a dedicated IT infrastructure for hosting and running those applications. Traditional enterprise application process required two things:

* Local area network for supporting these applications
* Dedicated IT resources such as manpower and upfront costs for maintaining the IT infrastructure.
* Backend technology development for customization according to the business needs.

Hence small business would often find it hard to compete with their larger counterparts in terms of access to the latest technology or having the required financial strength to invest in IT infrastructure.

QuickBooks Cloud hosting technology resolves all these issues. Following are the benefits of having QuickBooks cloud:

* Scalable and maintenance free IT infrastructure: Having QuickBooks cloud means that the small business has the access to infinite computing resources available on demand which means that the user has to pay for only that IT infrastructure services that they are using at present. Further the IT infrastructure is easily scalable on a short notice period implying that the small business does not have to invest in unutilized IT infrastructure in anticipation of future needs. Scalability and provisioning for future IT needs.

* Outsourcing IT infrastructure management: Maintaining IT infrastructure needs dedicated IT staff as well as support team which can easily be avoided if the small business opts for QuickBooks cloud. Cloud hosting services means that the small business outsources IT infrastructure troubleshooting, management and support to third party service providers which in the end may improve business focus as well as costs efficient IT management.

* Anytime anywhere access and Collaboration: QuickBooks cloud allows you to access the accounting application and database way beyond the local network and in fact transforms the internet into a local network itself. This means that you can access your application form anyplace anytime from any platform and browser. This also allows multiuser collaboration and sharing.

* Hosting Add-ons: Accounting software Add-ons are software which add to the functionality of the application for industry specific purposes. Hosting Add-ons together with the accounting software ensures that there is complete integration and data compatibility between the two programs.

* Integration of QuickBooks with other applications: QuickBooks can easily be integrated with various Tax software such as Lacerte and CRM application such as ACT by Sage to offer complete financial management solutions for small business. This integration is more complete in a cloud environment.

Real Time Data Services
Real Time Data Services is the leading cloud hosting service provider having presence in both vertical as well as specific industry solutions. The company offers QuickBooks Cloud hosting services besides other applications such as Peachtree, MyOb as well as Tax and CRM applications. Free QuickBooks cloud demo as well as free trial are available at the company's site.

Real Time Data Services provides cloud computing solutions for small and Medium Business. The company provides complete range of Solutions such as Cloud Hosting, Application Hosting and managed IT services. The domains that we are catering to involves accounting application hosting, CRM application Hosting as well as Tax application hosting.


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