Bad Dog Apps Ships BdContacts, BdCalendar and BdTranslator for OS X 10.5

January 15, 2008 in Software (E)

[] Vancouver, BC Canada - January 15, 2008, - Bad Dog Apps, is a Mac OS X Software house with over 10 years experience with the Mac OS X and precursor NeXTStep/OpenStep technologies, and today is shipping new releases of its new productivity menu bar based applications BdContacts, BdCalendar and BdTranslator.

BdContacts allow you extend Apple's Address Book contacts to store unlimited Notes, ToDo's, Emails, Alarms, Photos and Documents that are linked or store directly in a Code Data SQL database. BdCalendar replaces Apple's Clock with a menu bar calendar and clock that can gives you access to iCal Events and Todo's along with direct access to Apple's Address Book and finally BdTranslator, which uses the Google translation engine can do automated bulk translations form English to 11 other languages or using Apple's service to do selected text translation.

According to Bad Dog Apps founder and CEO Alan Cook, "Running along with Apple's Leopard 10.5.1 release, we have created three new 10.5 only applications BdContacts, BdCalendar and BdTranslator to take advantage of new feature only available in Leopard, all versions are universal (PPC and INTEL)" and all Bad Dog Apps come with a free 23 day trial period.

BdContacts is a powerful Menu Bar Contacts application that takes up very little room on you menu bar and gives you instant access to all you Address Book contacts along with extending the information stored with a contact like unlimited Notes, ToDo's, Alarms, Emails, Documents and Photos without having five applications eating up your dock space or menu bar. BdContacts is available now for $50.00 USD.

BdCalendar fills the gap between Apple's Clock not having a Calendar and instant full access to Apple's Address Book and iCal. With just one click on your menu bar, you can be viewing a Calendar, looking up addresses, checking your iCal events and To-do items without having five more items eating up your dock space or menu bar. BdCalendar is available now for $20.00 USD.

BdTranslator adds powerful Language Translation right to your Menu Bar, translate from English to 11 other languages simultaneously. Use Apple's Menu Services to do translations from any application on selected text up to 1,000 characters or bring in a file for translation from the Finder. BdTranslator Documents allow you to store hundreds of translation records for doing automated Translation, making bulk translations a snap. Then export the final Translation into a .CSV or .TSV file readable by Numbers or Excel on any MAC, DOS or Unix file systems. BdTranslator is available now for $20.00 USD.

Bad Dog Applications, Inc. is located in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, home of the 2010 Winter Olympics, founded in 2007. Our mission is to develop low cost, easy to use, 100% Macintosh OS X native applications that are a powerful but easy to use. All our applications are built using 100% Cocoa and Objective-C and leverages the built-in power of Mac OS X10.5 (Leopard) to give you access to the latest technologies available from OS X, like iCal and Address Book full access and Core Data SQL storage.


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