ScreenSteps Live software tutorial blogging site launched

January 17, 2008 in Software (E)

[] The creation of visual software training and documentation has always been a laborious and time consuming process. This is the prime reason that such little quality software documentation is available.

Blue Mango Learning Systems has launched ScreenSteps Live and ScreenSteps Desktop to provide a seamless workflow which allows companies and individuals to quickly create clear visual software instructions that can be followed by the most basic of users.

Users create lessons using the ScreenSteps Desktop software. Once they have signed up for an account on ScreenSteps Live (the hosted online service for ScreenSteps lessons) they can, in one click, post the lesson in HTML and PDF format. The lesson content is also automatically formatted for viewing on the iPhone.

In regards to ScreenSteps Desktop, Greg DeVore, CEO of Blue Mango Learning Systems said, "We tried to take 10% from each of the apps required to make a visual tutorial and combine them into one single efficient workflow. "We have combined screen-capture, image annotation, text editing and web/pdf publishing into a single application that allows users to quickly create and publish tutorials."

ScreenSteps Live allows users to create accounts and use the free version of ScreenSteps Desktop software to create and publish tutorials. ScreenSteps Live offers a free account as well as several monthly subscription plans for users who don't wish to have advertisements displayed alongside their lessons, need additional storage space, or wish to allow multiple users post to lessons to the same account.

ScreenSteps Live functions much like a blog for software documentation. Authors can control access to the lessons they create and have the option of allowing visitors to comment on the posted lessons.

Both ScreenSteps Desktop and ScreenSteps Live have been launched this week at the MacWorld conference in San Francisco, CA. To celebrate the launch the developers of ScreenSteps are creating tutorials on how to use the software of other vendors at the conference. Examples of these tutorials can be seen at the ScreenSteps Live website.

Greg DeVore continued, "ScreenSteps lessons communicate instructions more clearly and succinctly than any other medium. We're empowering companies and professionals to better communicate with their customers."

Since 2003 Blue Mango Learning Systems has been innovating in the area of media based product documentation. They are currently based out of McLean, VA just outside of Washington, DC.


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