freshcode Releases Bodega 1.1

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[] Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Popular Macintosh publisher and developer, freshcode, today announced the release of Bodega 1.1, an update to its renowned Mac software discovery and download application. The Bodega 1.1 update boasts a completely revamped application updater.

An often-requested feature enhancement, Bodega 1.1 now keeps tabs of nearly all applications installed on the user's Mac. So long as an application is a part of the Bodega library or supports the open source Sparkle auto-updater framework, Bodega will keep continuous tabs on its version. When a new version for such an application becomes available, Bodega notifies the user and makes it extremely intuitive and easy to download the update. In the majority of cases, Bodega 1.1 even automatically installs the update for the user.

Also new with Bodega 1.1 is the Wishlist feature. With it, users can easily keep track of any application they want, for any reason whatsoever. Users can, for example, use the Wishlist to track applications they've downloaded via Bodega and are considering for purchase. Users can also use the Wishlist feature to conveniently 'bookmark' product description pages within Bodega for easy retrieval at a later time. The Wishlist makes navigating and managing the large and ever-growing Bodega application library much simpler and users more productive.

freshcode's Bodega provides convenient, intuitive 'corner store' access to the latest and hottest apps for the Macintosh directly from the Mac desktop. Bodega dramatically assists users with the process of Macintosh application discovery, version update maintenance, application downloading and purchasing, and so much more, all from a gorgeous, intuitive interface that integrates perfectly into the user's workflow. The Bodega application is free of charge.

Compatibility and Availability
Bodega requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or greater. The Bodega 1.1 update is free to all Bodega users and available via Bodega's "Check for Updates" feature. For complete information on Bodega and to download the full version free of charge, visit Bodega online. Bodega is currently available in English only.

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, freshcode is a premier development shop for all things Mac, iPhone and iPad. freshcode is committed to providing the highest quality engineering services at the best possible prices, and passionate about creating gorgeous interfaces that provide a truly engaging, visually-rich experience. When it's all combined, freshcode provides beautiful, intuitive, and user-friendly experiences that customers love. For more information, visit freshcode online.