CalDav Integration Delivers Top-Notch Scheduling for Mac Users

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[] Mill Valley, Calif. - January 21, 2008 - CommuniGate Systems, the leader in carrier-class Internet Communications solutions, today announced the addition of CalDAV support to its industry leading Unified Communications platform. The CalDAV standard lets users share scheduling resources and calendar events to boost collaboration and productivity throughout the enterprise. As a standards-based solution, the CommuniGate Pro platform works across multiple Calendar standards, such as iCalendar, MAPI, WebCal, and now CalDAV for seamless interoperability of clients and organizational scheduling services.

With the new CalDAV support, Mac users especially can reap huge benefits of shared calendaring and scheduling, without having to rely upon Microsoft client or server products. CommuniGate Pro's calendaring services enables colleagues to share calendaring resources regardless of their chosen operating system and client software - Microsoft Outlook in Exchange mode, Apple iCal, CommuniGate Pro Pronto!, and any other CalDAV client. As a result, Mac users can still communicate with those companies using Microsoft Outlook or other client products.

In addition, CommuniGate Pro provides network operators and ISPs with a new Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, particularly for the Mac Enterprise market. As a multi-tenant carrier grade platform, CommuniGate Pro drives additional revenue opportunities for ISPs by providing powerful calendaring applications to SMB customers with a wide choice of client technologies not found in other messaging servers.

CommuniGate Pro's calendaring features are tightly unified with all other methods of communication - voice, video, e-mail, presence, chat, and other groupware applications. Users enjoy a single identity and secure login for all their Internet Communication methods, greatly simplifying communications and accessibility. With CommuniGate Pro's Mobility Suite, users can seamlessly access calendar, e-mail, and other data from their computer or mobile device. The Unified Communications platform significantly reduces administration requirements, as a single CommuniGate Pro server can do what often requires many servers and software packages to deliver Calendar, e-mail, XMPP (Jabber), SIP (VoIP), WebMail and directory services.

"As Enterprises are moving from legacy messaging systems toward Unified Communications, they are looking to avoid getting locked into closed platforms like Exchange 2007. The uptake in Apple laptops and iPhones in 2007 is a compelling indication IT managers are seeking more reliable, more secure, user-friendly, and multi-media capable technologies. As such, it's critical the applications powering these products share the same qualities of performance and reliability," said Jon R. Doyle, Vice President of Business Development for CommuniGate Systems. "CommuniGate Pro has the clear distinction for over a decade now, as the most reliable and powerful server for Apple products. We look forward to expanding the CalDAV features, especially for the iPhone and over-the-air (OTA) support."

"Sharing information and staying on top of our client's project deadlines with dependable communication is crucial to our success. We have used CommuniGate Pro for over five years now as our messaging platform and consider it to be a rock solid and powerful server we can depend upon. " said Jonathan Gerfen, IT Manager at San Francisco's Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, voted top U.S. advertising agency 2007 by AdWeek. "We are pleased to see the addition of CalDav support on the platform as we have a variety of computers and operating systems in the company and can now enable new rich scheduling capabilities."

CommuniGate Pro offers a scalable Unified Communications platform that enables enterprise organizations and service providers to seamlessly expand from five to 50 million subscribers in virtual domains with a modular feature set, powerful Class of Service provisioning, and a live Rolling Updates change management capability not found in legacy enterprise class messaging products. The platform's exclusive Dynamic Clustering architecture provides 99.999% uptime with no single point of failure, and allows SaaS providers to add front-end or back-end nodes as needed without any downtime or service interruption.

The CommuniGate Pro platform can provide services for Consumer and Business subscribers through the Messaging Suite, Web 2.0 Suite, VoIP Suite, or deliver custom applications developed in CG/PL. The CommuniGate Pro Web 2.0 Suite includes Pronto! a sleek, unified communications client framework based on Adobe Flash(R) and Adobe Flex(TM) technology.

It is available today and allows free use of the CommuniGate Pro Server for five accounts or less, making it a smart choice for small businesses or the home office network. For installations over five users, the CommuniGate Pro Enterprise Suite is priced starting at US$899 for 25 users. ISPs, Broadband and Mobile operators, can contact sales for pricing information.

Founded in 1991 and based in Mill Valley, California, CommuniGate Systems develops carrier-class Internet Communications software for broadband & mobile service providers, enterprises, and OEM partners worldwide. Over 130 million subscribers including 47 million voice customers rely upon CommuniGate Systems products for their voice and data communication today. CommuniGate Systems is the most trusted and financially stable vendor which maintains the highest customer satisfaction levels in the Rich Media Communications industry. CommuniGate Systems provides flexibility, performance, scalability, with the benchmark proven architecture that remains un-challenged in the industry.