Webswell releases Webswell Business Hub 2.0 business integration suite

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[prMac.com] Sacramento, CA - January 18th, 2008 - Webswell Inc. releases the new generation of business integration solution based on a robust and secure ebXML/AS2 messaging within the network of communicating parties. The Webswell Business Hub 2.0 allows mutually incompatible parties (in a sense of incompatible data formats or messaging protocols) to exchange business documents with high level of reliability and security.

Until the 2.0 version the Webswell Business Hub was available as an outsourced hosting service. With Webswell Business Connect 2.0 Webswell offers this solution also as a product that can be deployed and run on customer's site.

Key features of Webswell Business Hub 2.0 (the Hub):
* A node that forms a center of a network of nodes.
* Messaging functionality - the Hub supports AS2 and ebXML messaging (over http, https or smtp/pop3).
* Routing functionality - the Hub is able to route a business message between any two nodes connected to the network.
* Transforming functionality - the Hub is able to transform a message during the routing. It is possible to transform the message either at the messaging type level (ebXML<->AS2 transformation) or at the business document level (XML->XML, XML<->csv, XML<->text, text<->text etc. ).
* Thanks to using a central gateway - the Hub - the number of mutual connection is minimized and messaging configuration is centralized - the cost of managing and maintenance is lower and is less prone to misconfiguration.
* Another advantage of the centralized approach is excellent reporting and statistics on the communication of the whole network.

The Webswell Business Hub is intended for:
* The companies that need to build a complex network of communicating nodes while minimizing the cost of configuration, change management and maintenance cost.
* The companies that need to build a network of communicating nodes (branches, divisions, distributors or suppliers) where each node can use different data formats or messaging protocol.
* The companies that need to connect multiple nodes that act as a single node to an external node.

Webswell Inc. is a Sacramento, California based integration company specialized in building SOA technical infrastructure, EDI, ebXML, AS2 and Web Services integration solutions and providing related consultancy. Webswell's mission is to help companies of any size to build business integration solutions and exploit benefits that such integration provides.


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