iPhone App Review for Mi Phone Book - Make Managing Contacts Hassle-Free

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[prMac.com] Hillsborough, New Jersey - Chris Caso today announced a product review given by iPhone Footprint for its new Mi Phone Book 1.0. This iPhone app is quite like having a personal assistant to manage our contacts. Meet Mi Phone Book - Your Contact List Network, secure a place for it on your iPhone, and look forward to the ease and joy of managing your contacts. The developers were right when they said that we "may not be comfortable posting all of our contact information" on a social networking site. I am one of those people, and so sometimes it can be difficult getting the latest contact updates, or giving out mine for that matter. For those who feel like me, and for anyone who has trouble with this (I'm sure there are aplenty), Mi Phone Book is a life-saver.

It is a breeze to use. The interface is well laid out and is easy to navigate. To start off, we need to register to become a member of the network. The app works somehow like a social network; we have our own personal profiles where we can add and manage our contact information. The cool part is that automatic updates are sent to the people in our Mi Phone Book network, and we don't have to face the hassle of doing it personally. Even finding people we know is convenient, as the app finds matches for us within its member network, and we can send a request by tapping on the 'Send notification' button. Once they accept our request, we will have access to their contact information and latest updates as they happen.

Mi Phone Book's great features don't end there. It stores all of our contacts' information, and not just of the contacts who use the app. We can also use either our iPhone contact list or the app to manage our contacts as they are always synced. There is a whole lot of contact details that is included in Mi Phone Book, from addresses to phone numbers and email ids to social networking site ids.

The best part about Mi Phone Book is that it does all that it features without any hiccups. It is convenient, useful and as good as it gets for managing contacts. I highly recommended it for all these right reasons. - Written by iPhone Footprint

Application Benefits:
* Up-to-date contact information:
Mi Phone Book eliminates questioning if a contact's information is current.
* Save time:
Mi Phone Book sends IN-Network users your updates automatically when you change your profile so you don't have to.
* Convenience:
Mi Phone Book stores all of your contacts - not just Mi Phone Book users.
* Sync:
Manage your contacts in either your iPhone contact list or Mi Phone Book. They are always synced.
* Ease:
Update your profile, for example your address because you moved. Mi Phone Book sends your contact information to all your IN-Network contacts and updates their contact list automatically.
* Search:
Search for contacts using Mi Phone Book with the Search Tool!
* Get Notified:
Users will send you a notification to become a IN-Network contact. Simply accept or reject their request. If you accept all their contact information will populate both in your app and iPhone Contact List.

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