The Great iPhone Apps Contest

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[] Mumbai, India - EDUmobile, the leading procviders in Online Mobile Programming Training Courses - which include iPhone development and Android development training with over 200 students enrolled, have launched an iPhone Apps Contest for all their current and past candidates, as well as participants who are not EDUmobile candidates. All submissions will be judged by an expert panel of tutors at EDUmobile and various prizes will be given, for the following:

(a) First Place for Best App
(b) Second and Third Best Apps
(c) Most Surprising App
(d) 5 Apps that did not make it but have great potential
(e) Most Promising iPad App, Publically Voted Top 3 Apps

Mutliple prizes will include:
* iPod touch
* iPod Shuffle
* Letter to Steve Jobs featuring your App
* Free Publicity via Press Release on various websites & blogs
* Special Listing on the EDUmobile Blog and Website

A Private Panel of judges will use the following 5 criteria while choosing the winners - Uniqueness, Fun Factor (if game) and Usefulness (if application), Graphic Design / UI, Performance / Functionality, and Potential to make money (via paid downloads or advertisements). Participants can be from USA or Timbuktu. There is no geographical, caste, creed or age restriction, and the rules are simple:

[1] There are prizes for current EDUmobile candidates and non-candidates.

[2] One person - One App. Sorry, no multiple App submissions are allowed. So, if you do have more than one App... pick and choose the one you think is better!

[3] If you are a team of more than one person, thats OK. We allow at maximum a team of two. No companies please. This is a contest to encourage and promote indies only.

[4] The App must be YOUR OWN WORK and that belongs to you. If you did a project for someone else - that is NOT allowed to be submitted. It must be YOUR idea and YOUR product.

[5] The App must be fully ready and working properly. If its buggy - we'll reject it right away. So, please clean it up before you submit it. You have time.

[6] It is not necessary that your App has already been published. Just make sure it works and does what you say it should! :)

[7] Submit the executables in a zip file, along with a small brief description of the App, along with the Category it could fit into on the App store or already is (if its available).

[8] The App can be free or paid - both are allowed, and preference is NOT given to either. iPad Apps are also allowed.

[9] Deadline for submissions are 31st July 2010. So, hurry up and get your App ready!

[10] There is no preference given for early submissions or early birds. All entries will be treated equally by our panel of judges. So, you have time to polish your App - and we suggest you make good use of it, so you can score higher.

[11] Results of the winners will be announced on our website and by email to all participants on 15th August 2010.

[12] The winner Apps will be showcased on our main site and blog. We will also list all entries on our blog so you can see what other competitors have made, and so that all Apps submitted get the extra exposure and SEO juice to increase their popularity and get the bonus exposure you seek. If you want your App to remain confidential, please notify us while submitting it - and will not list it or showcase it anywhere.

Please visit EDUmobile online to access the Submission Form if you want to participate.

EDUmobile is a spin-off independent initiative of Chakra Interactive Pvt Ltd, a company operating in the Wireless Mobile Software Development space for the past 7 years, having worked on wireless projects released by global top tier clients and publishers such as EA Mobile, Hands-on-Mobile, I-Play, Sony Pictures, Disney Mobile and Warner Bros amongst others. EDUmobile provides high quality wireless development training currently on the iPhone and Android platforms. All training is done through Online Video, Interactive one-on-one support, Weekly PDF Manuals and Worksheets and an ongoing Support Forum for graduating candidates. Copyright (C) 2010 EDUmobile. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.