2 Reel Guys Premieres on Internet

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[prMac.com] Agoura Hills, California - The new videocast "2 Reel Guys" debuted June 15th, announced Larry Jordan & Associates, Inc. Featuring Larry Jordan and Norman Hollyn, the site provides unique videos that are dedicated to the creative process of visual storytelling.

2 Reel Guys consists of a series of short video episodes, a website, and forum covering many elements of visual storytelling including how to get started, working with actors, production secrets, and editing and sound tips. Each entertaining and informative show illustrates one concept in less than 10 minutes. New shows are posted every two weeks on the first and fifteenth of each month. Audience members are encouraged to participate in the show forum and episode comments to continue the conversation from the shows, as well as to suggest additional topics they'd like to see covered.

Jordan and Hollyn believe that telling a story well doesn't require a lot of money, a lot of gear, or a lot of people. The key is the knowledge of how to shape a story into something other people want to watch. In other words, technology is a part of the process, but only a part. Each episode is designed to help creators of film and video at all budget ranges achieve that perfect combination of storytelling and technique, whether they are working in narrative, documentary, music videos, corporate, or event videography.

"After teaching worldwide, I noticed that students had a good grasp of WHAT they needed to do to present a story," Hollyn said recently, "but the students didn't necessarily know WHY. In other words, they needed to learn how to tell a story. 2 Reel Guys gave Larry and I a chance to explain that WHY."

Jordan echoed Hollyn's sentiments. "Plenty of websites provide technical information. But what intrigues a viewer isn't the speed of a computer, the size of a hard drive, or the version of editing software used. It's the ability to craft a story and express it in a visually interesting and creative way, without resorting to stereotypes and cliches. That's what makes working with Norman such a delight. He has the experience and the skill to explain these concepts that make them understandable."

Norman Hollyn heads the Editing Track at the University of Southern California's (USC) School of Cinematic Arts, and is the writer of the popular book on storytelling THE LEAN FORWARD MOMENT. Larry Jordan is a world-renowned digital media trainer and lecturer, as well as the author of five books on editing systems. Jordan is also Executive Producer and Host for "The Digital Production Buzz" a popular podcast on digital production, post production and distribution.

These video presentations are sponsored by Avid Technology, Inc. Currently two episodes are posted, with a new show to be released every two weeks.

Larry Jordan & Associates, Inc. provides high-quality, engaging training and information covering video production and post-production for practicing professionals and students through a variety of media worldwide. The company was founded by Larry Jordan, an internationally-renowned digital media analyst, consultant and Apple-Certified trainer with over 30 years experience as a television producer, director and editor with national broadcast and corporate credits. He's a member of both the Directors Guild of America and the Producers Guild of America. Jordan is executive producer and host of three talk radio shows including the weekly industry-leading digital media podcast Creative Planet's Digital Production BuZZ; and Video Production Radio, a monthly audio podcast on WS Radio.