Webjimbo offers better web and iPhone access for Yojimbo 2.2

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[prMac.com] Wellington, New Zealand - Flying Mac today is pleased to announce a new release of Webjimbo, which brings compatibility with Yojimbo 2.2, and provides more capable remote access than Yojimbo's new Sidekick feature. Webjimbo 2.5 is a Mac application that lets users view and edit their Yojimbo data from anywhere - via web browser, iPhone or iPad. (Yojimbo is a popular personal information manager for the Mac which stores notes, bookmarks, passwords and other data.)

Webjimbo solves the problem of all the important data in Yojimbo being trapped on the user's Mac, by making information available whenever and wherever it is needed and allowing it to be recorded as it comes to hand. This brings Yojimbo closer to its calling as an "everything dump" - a place to store all the random pieces of information that arise in a person's life.

Webjimbo versus Sidekick

The latest release of Yojimbo contains a new feature called Sidekick, which can provide a limited kind of remote access to Yojimbo's data. But installing Webjimbo brings users many more features, and comes closer to providing a full Yojimbo experience from anywhere on the internet.

Add and edit

Sidekick provides a static copy of Yojimbo's database. Webjimbo lets users add and edit items remotely too; it is not limited to viewing. This means information can be added or amended as soon as it comes up - before it is forgotten or written on a piece of paper and lost.

See everything

Webjimbo delivers important data types that are missing from Sidekick: passwords, encrypted notes and web archives. Passwords and web archives can be added and edited too.

Search, and complete database

Webjimbo has full search capabilities - by contents and tag as well as title - providing live access to the full Yojimbo database and dealing well with large databases. Sidekick lists all items on the front page and searches only by title, making it more suitable for a subset of the data.

Easy and secure

Webjimbo makes life easy for users by automatically configuring the local network to make itself available to the outside world (where possible). Access is secured by https and the Mac's username and password.

To use Sidekick from the internet requires the user to manually change router settings and run a dynamic DNS service; even then the database would be available to anyone on the internet with no protection. The alternative is to sync all the required data to a Mobile Me account.

Pricing and Availability:
Webjimbo requires Mac OS X 10.5 or higher, and Yojimbo 2.2. Webjimbo 2.5 is available now for $30 (US), or $60 for a family licence. A free, fully-functional 20-day trial version is available from the web site.

Flying Mac is run by Adrian Ross, an independent software developer in Wellington, New Zealand. Webjimbo is developed under the Flying Mac moniker. Flying Mac also publishes FarFinder, providing easy remote access to a Mac's files by web browser, iPhone and iPad. Copyright 2008-2010 Flying Mac. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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