Soccer Cup Solitaire - A Crowd-Pleasing Match

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[] Stargard Szczecinski, Poland - Anawiki Games today is pleased to announce the timely release of Soccer Cup Solitaire, an innovative title combining card-matching action with the excitement of an international soccer tournament. The gameplay draws inspiration from both soccer and classic solitaire games to create an experience unlike any other.

"I have a feeling this is going be a great season for soccer fans," says Anawiki owner Roman Budzowski, "and I wanted to do my part to help fuel the excitement. Meanwhile, solitaire card games are perennial fan favorites, so it seemed like a match made in heaven."

Players choose an international soccer team to compete in a 32-team tournament, consisting of a group stage and eliminations. The teams the player will face are chosen randomly, and each team has its own set of levels, so the experience will change with each play-through.

The core gameplay consists of finding matching pairs of cards to remove, but unlike most solitaire titles, clearing the table isn't the primary goal. Rather, points are scored with every match made, and the player's team will score a goal for every 4500 points earned. A single soccer match consists of several levels, and the player's objective is to score more goals than the opposing team before the end of the match.

Simply removing pairs of cards at random won't usually result in enough goals to win a match, so advancing through the tournament requires strategic play in order to maximize the points scored. The main way to do this is to chain together "passing sequences," consisting of identical or adjacent cards, for instance 7-7-8-9. Pairing cards of the same color or suit is another way to earn more points.

"Soccer is both a physical game and a mental one," says Budzowski, "There are plenty of sports titles on the market, including soccer games, but they mostly tend to be action- and reflex-oriented, emphasizing the physical side. I wanted to explore the strategy and tactics more, and the solitaire mechanics provide a good metaphor for that side of the game."

Further perks for the game include a variety of bonus cards, which add to the game's strategic depth, as well as random events to add a touch of uncertainty. Some of the random events even allow the player to take play a mini-game, to keep things fresh. Another big draw is the game's soundtrack, featuring studio-recorded rock music and a realistic, voice-acted commentator for each match.

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