Toolbox 0.7.7 (alpha release) - Layer editor for textures and photos

January 28, 2008 in Software (F)

[] Opcoders announces the second public release of Toolbox, which is useful for web designers to construct web graphics, such as: buttons, backgrounds and logos.

With this release a number of stability issues has been fixed. Added two online tutorials. Because the previous release were the first public release, a number of things were forgotten. Disabled the 'Debug' menu. Disabled the 'Tool' menu. Disabled the 'Description' tab. Renamed a few bricks. Payment system now works.

To get started, Toolbox has an 'Examples' menu that gives a glimpse of what is possible. These examples are overwhelming because they include several constructions for demonstration purposes. In the real world a project doesn't get this big.

The layer system makes it possible to make big constructions where everything are build with small building blocks, named Bricks. In total there are 68 bricks, such as: thumbnail, crop and mixer. These bricks can be chained together into stacks, and this is what Toolbox is in paticular good at. Changing a parameter on a brick in the middle of the stack, will propagate the changes through the entire stack so that the result can be seen almost immediately.

Stability: This is an alpha release. Because Toolbox is a very young program, it crashes for yet unknown reasons. Please remember to save your projects frequently. Things gets changed by us (since its an alpha release), and compatibility will break. Most of the bricks are still of low quality. Only use Toolbox for non-serious things where there is little to loose.

Requires: Mac OS X 10.5 or later. 2 GB ram. 256 MB vram. iPhoto. 20 MB hard drive space. Toolbox also run on machines as old as an PowerBook G3 400 MHz with OS X 10.3.9, however it is not recommended.

Pricing: 10 EURO for a single user license. No trial that expires.

Opcoders is a one-man company, founded in 2006 by Simon Strandgaard. graphics, 2d, photo, layers, effects, web, procedural, textures, iphoto, seamless, realtime.


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