iJailBreak 0.4, Mac OS X Jailbreak Utility, Released for 1.1.3

January 27, 2008 in iAnnouncements (E)


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - January 27, 2008 - AriX, the 13-year old developer behind the open source iJailBreak utility downloaded over 200,000 times, has announced that iJailBreak 0.4 has been released. iJailBreak 0.4 allows iPhone and iPod Touch users on jailbroken versions of firmware 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 to automatically update to and jailbreak the newly released 1.1.3 firmware.

iJailBreak 0.4 works on Mac OS X Tiger or Leopard systems with an Intel architecture. Unfortunately, PowerPC (PPC) systems are not currently compatible - that is being worked on.

Users who currently have the previous version of iJailBreak installed should be notified of the new release and be offered the ability to have the utility update itself. If not prompted, go into the iJailBreak menu and choose "Check for Updates."

iJailBreak can be downloaded at Google Code, and more information can be found at their website. Donations through PayPal are greatly appreciated and go towards more devices for testing and development.

The process does require the user to start on a jailbroken 1.1.1 or 1.1.2 device. If you are currently on a non-jailbroken 1.1.1 installation, it is suggested that you visit JailbreakMe to jailbreak. Non-jailbroken 1.1.2 users should downgrade to 1.1.1 and continue from there. To downgrade to 1.1.1 from 1.1.2, follow the instructions posted at the iJailBreak website.

To downgrade from 1.1.3 to 1.1.1, visit the iJailBreak website - if you're on an iPod Touch do just the first page then visit JailbreakMe in Safari, and if you're on an iPhone do the first and second pages (includes jailbreaking); at which point you're clear to run iJailBreak. It's important to note that once downgraded, an iPhone will appear to be deactivated. This is not the case. Jailbreaking will 're-activate' iPhone.

Note: all unlocks you do to an iPhone will remain untouched and will work 'out of the box' in your new 1.1.3 installation. Google Maps' new Locate Me function will not work on a jailbroken 1.1.3, however a patch is now being worked on and will be available in Installer.app shortly. In the mean time, the Locate Me app (also found in Installer.app) does the exact same thing Google Maps does, only in a separate application, so it's recommended you use that until the patch is available.

The actual jailbreaking process goes as follows: connect your device to your computer, open iJailBreak and click on the Jailbreak icon. Once iJailBreak tells you that it is finished, go into Settings->General on your device and set Auto-Lock to Never. Next, open Installer.app and install the '1.1.3 Soft Upgrade' package. This installation can take some time - maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Leaving your device alone at this point is fine and is encouraged.

Once the installation is complete, the device should reboot. If your device hasn't rebooted automatically after 15 minutes, it's safe to reboot it manually. Your device will then boot into your new 1.1.3 installation. Note that while all 3rd party applications have been deleted, their settings have not, so if/when you re-install them, any settings or high-scores should appear as you left them.

If you are using an iPod Touch, the "Software Upgrade," which normally costs $20USD, will automatically be installed legally and for free. This will enable Mail, Maps, Stocks, Notes, Weather, and customizable home screens (a.k.a. wiggly icons).

New to iJailBreak 0.4 is the iJailBreak News Flash section of the utility. This little line of text will be downloaded from iJailBreak servers and will contain either a tip or new and interesting package to download from Installer.app (such as the Google Maps Locate Me patch) or a "3rd Party Application of the Week." (disclaimer: the "3rd Party Application of the Week" may not actually be updated exactly once a week)

Should you already be running a jailbroken 1.1.3 iPod Touch, iJailBreak 0.4 includes a nifty Add iPhone Apps button which will legally install the "Software Upgrade" for free.

Of course, as with anything of this nature, there's a small chance you may temporarily render your device inoperable. To restore your iPhone or iPod Touch, hold down the Power and Home buttons on the device until the Apple logo appears on the screen, at which point you can let go of the Power button - but keep holding the Home button. When you see the "Connect to iTunes" logo appear, you may let go of the Home button, connect your device to your computer, and use iTunes to restore.

As with previous versions of iJailBreak, 0.4.x is happily released under the GNU General Public License version 2. As such, the utility and code are provided AS IS and come with no warranty whatsoever. Any damage you do to your device(s) with iJailBreak or its underlying source code is your responsibility.

AriX hopes you enjoy this new version of iJailBreak and have a good time with 1.1.3 and all its wiggly niceness.

iJailBreak is an automated OS X jailbreaker for your iPod Touch or iPhone licensed under the GNU General Public License v2 written by 13-year-old AriX with help from 13-year-old friend Ben Feldman.


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