New HVC Color Composer Buy One Get One Promotion Launches

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[] London, United Kingdom - XChange UK and ThePowerXChange, the sources for extended technology worldwide are pleased to announce a new limited time promotion which offers users the chance to Buy One Get One Free on the award winning HVC Color Composer(R) for Photoshop (R). The promotion saves users $99.95 (US) or 69.00 (UK/Europe) over the regular retail price and offers design studios, ad agencies, publishers and printers the opportunity to enjoy the power of Color Composer on two stations for the price of one.

The HVC Color Composer plug-in to Adobe Photoshop presents a unique perceptual HVC - hue, value, and chroma - colour space which is a natural, intuitive way for artists and designers to use colour. HVC Color Composer is an enhanced version of Photoshop's own Color Picker, allowing users to switch between the enhanced colour picker and the basic colour picker at any time through Photoshop's preferences. HVC Color Composer has all of the features as the Photoshop colour picker and in the same basic layout so it will be completely familiar to any Photoshop user.

The Colour Quantification Technology built into the plug-in allows the software to organise mathematically coherent palettes, in much the same way harmony works in music. The software does the maths - and the user gets beautiful, powerful palettes to use in a natural and intuitive way.

The user simply starts with one or more base project colours, enters their desired palette settings, and HVC Color Composer will automatically generate palettes that work perfectly with those colours. Color Composer offers fully dynamic control over Depth and Contrast settings for generated palettes.

This lets users easily narrow or widen the palette results dynamically to generate as many - or as few - complementary colours as they desire. The plug-in ends the tedious and sometimes seemingly impossible task of creating colour combinations that work well together. The palettes that are generated are unique, vibrant and interesting arrays of colour that users would not be able to find using any other methods, not even by endlessly flipping through professional design swatch or palette books. HVC Color Composer Professional insures that everyone can intuitively create unlimited, powerful, interesting colour compositions with amazing speed.

"Even though we always say it's our skill alone that makes us so good in our client's eyes, every once in a while a new graphics tool comes along that can make you a better designer. The HVC Color Composer(TM) from Master Colors(TM) is just such a tool. In fact, this Photoshop(R) plug-in for Mac can make you look like a genius to your clients, or at least good enough to get paid on time. Considering the fact that this software has the potential to make every design professional a master of colour composition, its price tag is actually quite a bargain." - MacTech Magazine

"Color Composer's real power lies in its ability to show colour relationships and build swatch palettes based on them. Range mode builds a palette with colours that all have the same contrast range from a target colour, and Proportion mode creates a palette in which all of the colours have the same contrast from two target colours. The Create Palette button builds a palette of colours that work together nicely, and the Pro version adds the ability to fine-tune the contrast ratios and save your palette as a standard Photoshop ACO file. While understanding colour relationships can be difficult at first, Composer makes short order of building complementary color palettes." - Layers Magazine

"This utility brings professional quality color to the fingertips of the design world," said Casey George of Great Western Litho. "This is the must-have plug-in for Photoshop."

HVC Color Composer Professional Version(TM) features include:
* An enhancement to Photoshop's Color Picker has all the features of the standard colour picker, plus all the advantages of the HVC Color Composer
* Navigate through the HVC space, in addition to all the other colour spaces standard in Photoshop. Make selections with the intuitive ease of HVC, then use the colour as any other colour within Photoshop
* View the HVC colour space by either the Hue, Value, or Chroma axis
* Generate dynamic palettes with precise control over palette parameters Then, either pick colours directly from palettes, or export to a Photoshop palette file, which can be opened in the Swatches window of Photoshop
* Significant feature enhancements to the Color Picker, such as a contrast measuring utility, split vertical slider, quick swatches for easy colour storage and more
* Utility allowing you to precisely quantify contrast
* Precise control over palette creation, with a variety of modes, including Range, Proportion, and the one-click palette mode in Standard, Auto-Range
* Sort the colours in the palettes in different ways
* Save the palettes as Photoshop palette files

System Requirements:
* Intel OS X, (including Leopard and Snow Leopard) PhotoShop 7, CS, CS2, CS3, CS4 and Elements 2, 3 and 4

HVC Color Composer Professional Buy One Get One Free promotion is available now through XChange UK and ThePowerXChange worldwide. To order, or for more information, users can visit them online.

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