Press Release StockXloader to get years of stock market quotes into ProTA Feb 27, 2007 in Financial BragIt releases version 3.3.3 of StockXloader. It gets quotes from any stock market into your own ProTA database. This latest version fixes problems with large amounts of data. [] BragIt releases version 3.3.3 of StockXloader, 2007-02-18. StockXloader is a native Mac OS X application for fully automated downloading of stock market quotes and indexes to the technical analysis program ProTA or ProTA Gold from BeeSoft ( -- effectively building an arbitrarily large database of tickers containing historical quotes for the open/high/low/close of each day! It does that by collecting quotes from Yahoo! Finance for almost any stock exchange in the world, which then is imported into the database of ProTA. New in this latest release is that more than 16 years of data no longer is a problem for either US or non-US quotes, which now are treated the same. Version 3.3.1 fixed a date format problem since Yahoo change the format. Version 3.3 was an adaptation to the OS X version of ProTA. ###