FmPro Migrator 5.68 - Updated With FileMaker 11 Compatibility and More

July 6, 2010 in iOS Development (E)

[] Fremont, California - .com Solutions Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of FmPro Migrator 5.58. FmPro Migrator Developer Edition (and Platinum Edition) 5.68 is a maintenance release adding compatibility with FileMaker 11. This release includes support for new FileMaker 11 Script Steps as well as new XML formats for Scripts and Layouts copied via the ClipBoard. The FileMaker 11 compatibility includes support for performing Table Consolidation/Database Rebuild projects, as well as data conversions to SQL databases for ESS Configurations.

Enhancements and bug fixes have also been included for: building more than 399 relationships during Table Consolidation projects, building stand-alone networkable Rev database applications, and performing Servoy migrations.

The FmPro Migrator 5.68 changes include:
* Added support for performing table consolidation projects with FileMaker Pro Advanced 11. This change takes into consideration the new clipboard XML formats used by FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 for: Scripts, Layouts, and Layout preview images. Layout preview images on MacOS X are now provided in PDF format, instead of the previously used PICT format. FmPro Migrator converts these full-sized PDF files into 200 x 200 pixel thumbnail images. These thumbnail images are displayed in the Layout tab of the Migration Process window whenever a layout is clicked in the list of Layouts.

* Added support for creating more than 399 relationships during FileMaker table consolidation projects by saving the results and re-opening the Manage Database dialog. This step occurs every 200 relationships in order to prevent out of memory errors with FileMaker Pro Advanced.

* Fixed an issue involving the creation of SQL database relationships on Windows.

* Added Auto-increment table creation column type for PK columns created in Access databases.

* Removed the obsolete Bento to FmPro conversion feature. This feature is now included within FileMaker Pro, so this it has been removed from FmPro Migrator.

* Fixed an issue with prevented the creation of Microsoft Access reports during FileMaker to Access database conversions.

* Updated the Servoy migration process to set Radio Button and Checkbox fields to an empty border, set the Portal Multi-Line parameter to true for all portals, set the column type for "time" in addition to "timestamp" columns, added escaping of "" characters in text labels and added replacing the "." character in image object names with "_".

* Updated the file for compatibility with MacOSX 10.6 when using MySQL as the destination database. This feature only gets used when holding down the shift key while transferring data. This change to the compiled executable also provides the foundation for supporting additional source database types in the future.

* Enhanced the process of creating Value Lists and Custom Functions within FileMaker databases by eliminating duplicated Value Lists and Custom Functions from the list of items which will be created. All of the original Value Lists and Custom Functions will remain in the FmPro Migrator MigrationProcess.db3 project file. If a file contains Value Lists and Custom Functions having the same name, but which contain different contents - this scenario must be resolved manually.

* Fixed an issue which could prevent TOs from being created if the color of the TO was not originally captured from the DDR XML file. Note: The WinAutomation Jobs and QuicKeys shortcuts no longer set the TO color in FileMaker Pro Advanced 11 files due to the difficulty of reliably clicking the Colors palette button.

* Added the creation of a Missing Table Report.xls for DBToRev conversions and enabled the conversion of Forms/Layouts which don't have an assigned table.

* Added the creation of a new Missing Relationships Report.xls file for DBToRev database migrations.
FileMaker Pro databases can have many inferred relationships which are used to display data for fields from multiple tables on a particular Layout. The FileMaker Pro database engine automatically calculates the appropriate relationship to use when displaying this information and stores the info within the dependency tree information hidden within each layout. This process enables the display of information from tables which have no direct relationship to the current table associated with the Layout.
Since this info is not exported within the DDR XML file, this report lists the names of inferred relationships within FileMaker database files, which will need to be manually coded as SQL Yoga relationships. The Missing Relationships Report.xls spreadsheet lists each object on a Layout which does not use a direct relationship between tables.

Fixed an issue with the showAllRecords handler in the DBToRev generated stack regarding initialization of the tCurrentCardName local variable. Added code to the generated setProp handler for checkBox buttons to set line endings properly for any platform where the code is run.

* Fixed an object naming issue which could prevent some radio buttons from being created in the DBToRev generated stack file.

* Improved the quality of layout thumbnail images captured on Windows.

* This release of FmPro Migrator includes updated WinAutomation jobs and QuicKeys shortcuts. Select Export QuicKeys or Winautomation Scripts from the File menu to save the updated scripts to the output directory. In order to streamline the process of running the WinAutomation Jobs and QuicKeys shortcuts, the download WinAutomation/QuicKeys dialog is no longer displayed. It is only necessary to download and install these shortcuts once, and this task is now performed by selecting the Export QuicKeys or Winautomation Scripts menu option from the File menu.

Pricing and Availability:
FmPro Migrator Developer Edition is priced at $200 (USD) per developer and includes a copy of FmPro Migrator Developer Edition for both MacOS X (Universal Binary) and Windows platforms. Existing FmPro Migrator Developer Edition customers may upgrade at no charge by selecting the Help -> Check for Updates menu.

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