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[prMac.com] You're depending on someone else to contact college coaches for thousands of kids whom some quite frankly, won’t even be able to play at the collegiate level ... but they will take their $1500. You get a lot of fancy bells and whistles but your betting your future on someone else, not you.

You have Youtube and Myspace communities, so if you’re a college bound Student and would love to have the free tools to take total control over your college recruiting then go to CollegeVideoScout.

Now with CollegeVideoScout's free recruiting tools, you get a one-stop source of information. Everything you need to know about getting to college on either an athletic, musical or academic scholarship is at your fingertips. You get lists of every college that has sports teams, marching bands and orchestras. There are links to every source on the Internet that provide college grants and financing.

There is a complete NCAA information package that explains in detail the requirements to getting an athletic scholarship. And last but not least, you’re a member of a very private community of college coaches, high school coaches, band leaders, guidance counselors and the student who are using the tools to self-promote themselves to colleges for scholarships. You get to build your free profile that includes your complete academic and athletic or musical background and achievements. You can up-load as many of your photos, sports highlight and musical videos as you like.

Here is where the work begins. This will be a good test of your abilities to even be able to do college work. As the prime member of your community, it is totally up to you to be able to follow directions and build your own personal network of college coaches, high school coaches and high school counselors. What separates CollegeVideoScout from other recruiting websites is the ability to have your profile reviewed and approved by both your high school coach and counselor before it can be released for public viewing by college coaches.

This is where following directions is crucial to being successful in your quest to receive a scholarship. You will need to sit down and talk with your coaches and guidance counselors and explain that you want to go on to college and will need them to approve your profile so you can start sending your info out to colleges. You will need your coach and counselors to register for their free membership home page where they can check on your progress at building your profile, communicate directly to you on your private community message system and then finally give you their seal of approval, on your profile that guarantees that all your athletic, musical and academic information is true and accurate.

College coaches will get qualified recruits, every time.

No matter what the financial resources a college coach may have available, it is probable that their recruiting is limited by time constraints. Time and money are valuable resources that are both key factors in recruiting.

College coaches need to devote time and money towards finding QUALIFIED student-athletes who match up with their programs needs.

CollegeVideoScout thoroughly QUALIFIES and evaluates student-athletes in order to deliver college coaches information about prospects that can come in and benefit their school and specifically, their athletic and musical programs.

At CollegeVideoScout we take a lot of pride in our system that provides free tools and information, empowering students and parents by educating themselves on how prepare for, and build the tools, to get that student a college scholarship.

Noel Wideberg is an ex-college athlete, high school football coach and father who has a son that used his own system to get an athletic scholarship to pitch for the South Carolina Gamecocks, a perennial national baseball powerhouse. When Mr. Wideberg began his quest to get his son an athletic scholarship, he was amazed to find that that there was no one, all inclusive system that would educate and help promote student athletes for free.


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