New Bundle and New Weekly Specials Are Launched by TheMacBundles

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[] Berkeley, California - MacEase Software today is pleased to announce the launch of TheMacBundles' July bundle, two new Weekly Specials, and the addition of many new titles to TheMacBundles' innovative BYOB (Build Your Own Bundle) stores. All of the titles in the TheMacBundles' stores are compatible with OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard).

TheMacBundles' cooperative marketing model brings unprecedented value to consumers while also returning to developers an exceptionally high percentage of the revenue produced by the sale of their software. Additionally, TheMacBundles' no-fine-print policy means that purchasers of its bundles get the same software, support, licenses, and upgrade benefits that apply to users who paid the full price for the software.

Further, TheMacBundles' new marketing model eliminates the middlemen, which results in yet more value for consumers and more revenue being provided to the developers that created the software.

The 12 titles in the new July bundle also are available in the new BYOB stores and include Macworld Gems and other highly rated programs. The BYOB stores also offer dozens of additional titles to choose from, thus allowing users to customize a bundle to conform to their individual needs. With the BYOB stores, users can eliminate titles from a bundle that they either already have or don't want. Additionally, a customized bundle can contain as few as 5 titles or as many additional titles as users want to add to it, further leveraging the outstanding value provided by TheMacBundles. A customized bundle can be purchased for as little as $29.75 (USD)!

The July bundle of 12 highly quality titles is priced at only $49.95 (USD). This represents a saving of over 86% off of the over $375 retail value of the software! Additionally, users who purchase a Weekly Special title and the bundle receive a $5 discount off of the bundle, resulting in a price of only $44.95 (USD).

This new bundle will be available for 4 weeks and includes 2 bonus titles. Purchasers of the bundle always get a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee, and this guarantee also applies to the BYOB stores. Further, ordering a Weekly Special when ordering a bundle from either BYOB store results in an additional discount!

The 12 programs included in the July bundle assist users when using their iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macs, Apple TV, iPhoto, iTunes, & other popular Apple products:

* Elmedia Player Pro - easy-to-use Flash and media player with lots of features for playing and managing FLV, SWF, XAP (Silverlight), RM and RV (Real), AVI, MOV, MP4, and many other files.

* Encrypt Email - lets users easily encrypt email and attachments and it can be used with Apple's Mail client.

* iMedia Converter for Mac - an all-in-one converter and ripper that supports almost any DVD or video file thrown at it.

* Media Rage - a collection of powerful tools for media enthusiasts.

* PlayNice - syncs contacts, calendars, and tasks between up to three machines, including between Macs, PCs, and Parallels Desktop.

* RingtoneStudio - quickly and easily creates an unlimited number of free customized ringtones for the iPhone.

* Simon Standard - an essential site monitoring tool for Mac users.

* Timer Pro - a complete, customizable, and professional OS X stopwatch, alarm clock, countdown timer, and clock utility.

* WebPrint Plus - enables users to instantly and easily save and/or print just the material that they want in any program plus add notes, URL stamps, and more to the material.

* Yummy FTP - one of the fastest and most powerful Mac FTP/SFTP clients available.

* FolderGlance - a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for working with files in the Finder.

* Socks - a powerful system utility for troubleshooting, maintaining, optimizing, and customizing Mac OS X.

Existing Mac users can purchase this bundle to enhance their and/or a family member's current setup. First-time computer users and people switching from a PC can use this bundle to get their Apple products equipped for a wide range of tasks at a bargain-basement price!

The New Weekly Specials for this week are Print It! and Graphic Inspector. Print It! adds powerful printing tools to OS X that enables users to instantly and easily save and/or print virtually anything they can see on their Macs and/or create print projects. Graphic Inspector is a quality control solution which checks entire folders of graphics files for potential problems according to specific workflow requirements.

Print It! is being offered by TheMacBundles for one week for only $14.95 (USD) - this represents a saving of 50%! Graphic Inspector is being offered for only $19.95 (USD) - this represents a saving of 50%! Additional savings will apply when users order a bundle along with a Weekly Special.

Steve Becker, the owner of MacEase and founder of, has been developing freeware and shareware for the Macintosh since 1997. The software from MacEase specializes in collecting, saving, organizing and printing information. The focus at MacEase is to develop software that extends the capabilities of the user's computer, improves workflow and productivity, and enhances the user experience.


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