Classic Baby Tradition Goes High-Tech

February 6, 2008 in Software (E)


Webster, NY - February 6, 2008 - Nursery Rhymes have become the "comfort food" of stories over many generations. We all have fond memories of hearing them as children, and we pass them down to our own children with the same passion and love that they were told to us. Leveractive, LLC is taking this grand tradition into today's computer-driven households with the release of Nursery Rhymes, the latest title in it's award-winning Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby(TM) software series for babies 6-to-24 months. Nursery Rhymes is being debuted at the American International Toy Fair in NYC on February 17-20, 2008 in booth #6224.

Like all of the previous Giggles Baby(TM) titles, which include My Animal Friends and ABC's & 123's, the new Nursery Rhymes title lets babies touch and tap the keys on any computer keyboard for adorable on-screen feedback and fun. The unique keyboard tapping software for babies locks out the computer system, protecting parents computer and files, so that baby can touch any key at all on the keyboard.

The Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby(TM) series has been hailed as a ground-breaking approach to letting babies as young as 6 months of age interact with a computer, and in this latest release, babies can interact with and control the classic nursery rhymes on-screen, by just pressing or tapping any key on the computer keyboard. This new title, which will be shipping by the end of March 2008 and available for both PC and Mac, will provide parents with a unique new way to lovingly share these historic tales with their children.

Nursery Rhymes contains 14 key-tapping activities each modeled after a famous nursery rhyme, such as Jack and Jill, Hey Diddle Diddle, and Mary Had A Little Lamb. Each activity is an animated visual representation of the nursery rhyme that little ones can interact with just by pressing keys. The words for each rhyme can be viewed on-screen as well, letting parents share these priceless stories with a new generation. The program contains more than 50 songs, and of course the accompanying song for each nursery rhyme so parents can sing along for baby.

The Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby(TM) Nursery Rhymes title provides the same cause-and-effect on-screen feedback that babies love as other Giggles Baby(TM)titles, but also adds a new dimension to the play experience for toddlers at the upper end of the 6-to-36 month age range, by adding a new "Toddler Mode" that can be turned on or off in many activites. In Baby Mode, the activites function just as expected - hit the keys and fun interactions and silly antics happen on-screen. In Toddler Mode, little ones are challenged to access 3 different levels of rewards by continuing to press the keys without pausing. If they pause for too long between key presses, the activity returns to the beginning. If they continue pressing the keys without a long pause, they're taken through 3 levels of rewards with a final "you did it" extra-funny reward at the end.

This new expansion of the program allows it to cater to children from 6 months old up to 3 years old very comfortably and appropriately using the Baby Mode or Toddler Mode.

So, why software for babies? Babies see their parents using the computer all the time, and just like in the 70's and 80's when babies wanted to continually play with the telephone they saw in Mom's hand, babies today really want to touch the computer keys they see Mom and Dad touching all the time. The Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby(TM) software series is the only software product available that directly addresses this and allows babies to touch any key at all, while providing engaging and age-appropriate content. This elicits loads of giggles and smiles from both babies and parents alike.

But more than simply eliciting delighted laughter from babies, Giggles is highly educational. Research has shown that the more you stimulate and interact with young children, the more they learn and develop and the overall quality of their learning and development increases dramatically.

Giggles Computer Funtime For Baby(TM) is easy to use, lots of fun and babies do love this product. Along with the new Nursery Rhymes, the other 3 available titles include, Shapes, My Animal Friends, and ABC's & 123's. All ship with both PC and Mac versions, as well as English and Spanish versions, all on the same CD and retail for $19.99. There are plans for a total of 10 different titles in the series and new titles will be released over the next 3 years.

Leveractive, LLC is a privately held consumer products company currently specializing in entertainment software titles for the baby and toddler markets. Brands include Giggles Baby(TM), Giggles Toddler(TM), Giggles Kids(TM), and ArtStart(TM).


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