SubRosaSoft Inc. announces DasBoot 2.0

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[] Union City, California - SubRosaSoft Inc. has released DasBoot(TM) version 2.0 for Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard. Turn your flash drive, MP3 player, or portable hard drive into a Mac OS X diagnostic, repair, recovery, and maintenance tool. SubRosaSoft DasBoot makes it easy. DasBoot allows you to take any third party boot CD (such as those shipped by SubRosaSoft Inc, Prosoft Engineering Inc, and Alsoft Inc.) and quickly create a bootable diagnostic device that contains any of your own utilities you may wish to install.

The first release was wildly popular. This new version of DasBoot now supports Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard along with some small performance tweaks and bug fixes. Boot and repair the newest Intel Macs. You can use your portable music player to boot, check, maintain, and repair Mac OS X computers* as needed without erasing it and taking away your ability to play music or use your device as you always have. With the help of DasBoot(TM) you get to carry all the tools you'll need in your shirt pocket.

DasBoot allows you to run data recovery applications such as FileSalvage, diagnostic and repair applications, and much more, all from your MP3 player, portable hard drive or flash drive. SubRosaSoft DasBoot gives you the power to create and maintain your own pocket-sized toolkit for your Mac - exactly the way you want - on one portable device and it's totally free! Just plug it in and all your tools will be at your fingertips.

DasBoot has been tested with the following disk utilities and data recovery tools, but will also run many others; CopyCatX, FileSalvage, MacForensicsLab, VolumeWorks, Drive Genius, Data Rescue 3, DiskWarrior, Apple Disk Utility, and TechTool Pro 5.

System requirements:
* Apple Intel processor Mac
* Mac OS X 10.5 or later
* 3rd party bootable CD/DVD as a template
* CD-ROM/DVD drive
* Flash drive, hard drive, or device formatted for HFS

DasBoot is free to download and can be freely distributed. Users of DasBoot must have purchased licenses to install the various disk utilities and own an appropriate disk utility bootable CD/DVD to use as the source disk.

Founded in 2002, SubRosaSoft specialized in privacy related and system utilities. SubRosaSoft's design philosophy revolves around easy-to-use yet extremely powerful software. Our software range includes security, file and device management, home security, forensics, and data and device recovery. Our users range from entry-level Mac users and hobbyists to system administrators, consultants, and forensics professionals. Copyright (C) 2010 SubRosaSoft Inc. All Rights Reserved. DasBoot, FileSalvage, and CopyCatX are trademarks of SubRosaSoft Inc. Drive Genius and Data Rescue 3 are trademarks of Prosoft Engineering Inc. Disk Warrior is a trademark of Alsoft Inc. TechTool Pro 5 is a trademark of Micromat Inc. All other trademarks are property of their respective owners.


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