Spootnik Launches a Web Front-end for OmniFocus MacOS/iOS App

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[prMac.com] Freienbach, Switzerland - Buzzard AG today is pleased to announce a web front-end for OmniFocus as an additional feature to their popular web service Spootnik. Spootnik provides synchronization between OmniFocus and Basecamp to enable collaboration between co-workers and customers. A Spootnik Account functions as a hub, keeping OmniFocus on iPhone and Mac in sync, synchronizing tasks with the online collaboration app Basecamp by 37signals, and now also providing access via a web browser.

The Spootnik Service provides 5 useful features. 1) OmniFocus is accessible from everywhere. There's nothing to install or to synchronize. 2) Spootnik serves as a synchronization location for OmniFocus clients on Macs and iPhones. MobileMe is no longer necessary. 3) Users can work online and offline using OmniFocus while Spootnik updates their Basecamp accounts in the background, keeping co-workers and customers up-to-date. 4) Users may connect more than one Basecamp account to Spootnik. 5) Third-party products such as Blinksale, LessAccounting, Cashboard, Telescope, Timepost, etc., which are Basecamp compatible, can now be used with OmniFocus.

Feature Highlights:
* Spootnik makes OmniFocus accessible from everywhere - only a web browser is required
* Collaboration with co-workers and customers through Basecamp
* Basecamp third-party add-ons can share info with OmniFocus
* Spootnik serves as out-of-the-box synchronization location for OmniFocus clients
* A MobileMe account is no longer necessary for syncing

"I use OmniFocus to capture and organize my tasks and Basecamp as a communication platform. But I really missed a link between them," stated owner Lars Steiger. "I designed Spootnik so the user has to neither run a computer, nor install anything. If they update a task on their iPhone, it flows directly into both their Basecamp account, and their Mac's OmniFocus database and is now also accessible via a web browser."

Device Requirements:
* OmniFocus on Mac OS X computer or iOS device
* OmniFocus 1.5 or higher
* Web browser (Firefox 2+, Safari 4+, Chrome 5 and IE 7+)

Pricing and Availability:
Monthly subscription plans with 30-day free trial.
* Free (OmniFocus sync)
* Solo $3/month (OmniFocus sync, Web front-end)
* Team $12/month (OmniFocus sync, Web front-end, 15 Basecamp projects)
* Premium $15/month (OmniFocus sync, Web front-end, 35 Basecamp projects)
* Max $29/month (OmniFocus sync, Web front-end, 70 Basecamp projects)

Located in Freienbach, Switzerland, Buzzard AG is a privately held company established in 2000. The company was founded by Lars Steiger, and strives to create excellent software products and services to help people in mastering their businesses and lives. Copyright (C) 2010 Buzzard AG. All Rights Reserved. Spootnik is a product of Buzzard AG, which is affiliated with neither OmniGroup nor 37signals. Apple, the Apple logo, OS X, iPhone, iPad, and iPod are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.


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