IDAPT i4 - iPad/Phone/Pod Universal Gadget Charger - Charge 4000 devices

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[] London, United Kingdom - IDAPT launch the first of their new-generation 'i' universal chargers the i4, which builds on the success of the current i3 and i2. The new model features sleek industrial design, a USB charging port, LED charging indicators, plus new gloss finishes.

* Everything compatible
* iPhone / iPod compatible
* New charge up to four devices simultaneously
* New high-power USB charging port
* New LED charging indicators
* New stylish design
* New top panel power switch
* New verified iPad USB charging
* New gloss black, silver or white finishes

The IDAPT i4 is a brilliantly simple wire-free charger, that uses robust modular tips to charge 4000+ devices directly and USB to cover more. It is different from most chargers, in that it will charge AA batteries, PSPs, iPads, Nintendos, Sat Navs and more, as well as almost every phone and MP3 player on the planet.

IDAPT is simple, it works, it's affordable, it's future-proofed and it makes highly efficient use of power, space, wall sockets and resources. The i4 is the only charger of this type with a high-power iPad port

Remarkable value:
The i4 only costs 40 with 6 charging tips included and unlike much hyped 'wireless' chargers, involves no expensive charging sleeves to buy, for every product a consumer owns.

Typical users:
A user might have a Nokia phone, an iPod, a TomTom GPS, a Jawbone headset, maybe a Blackberry for email and possibly a Kindle. All of these can be charged on an IDAPT and if they have more than four devices it is easy to rack IDAPTs together or just swap tips as needed.

* New model adds enhanced stylish design
* Now charge up to four devices simultaneously
* Three charging ports with six quick-release tips
* Plus high-power USB charging port verified for iPad
* New LED charging indicators on top panel ports
* New top panel on/off switch
* Efficient use of power, space, wall sockets and resources
* Supplied with six popular charging tips

In the box:
1 x IDAPT i4 charging base
6 popular charging tips
* iPod / iPhone
* microUSB
* miniUSB
* Nokia 2
* Samsung 4
* Sony Ericsson 2
1 x Mains lead with country appropriate plug

IDAPT Quick-release Tip System - plus additional USB port:
* Unique & Patented with wide compatibility today and in the future
* Universal & Upgradable, the current 25 tips cover 4000 devices
* Tips simply plug in and out of the IDAPT base
* Tips are articulated and will move if the product is knocked, preventing damage
* Six popular tips are supplied with each charger
* IDAPT has a commitment to always develop new tips
* Coming soon PSPGo - more cameras - Wii controllers and more

The IDAPT i4 Four-way Charger:
* Sleek flat desktop design in black, silver or white - with non slip feet
* Small footprint, vertical placement of devices means less room used
* Light and easily portable for travelling
* Highly-efficient built-in charging circuits and power supply
* Powerful with 14 watts total capacity
* One mains lead with a power-off switch
* Three charging ports each with an LED charging indicator
* Plus universal USB charging port with high-power 850ma capacity
* Quick-release access to change charging tips
* Sprung strain-release base for each tip to ensure product longevity

Greener than most:
Most standard chargers waste 50% of energy used, The IDAPT i4 has a highly efficient internal power supply and only needs one mains lead vs. four ugly power-hungry wall plug transformers and four mains sockets used - no contest! The IDAPT has an 'off' switch - simple, but turning a charger off, is one of the greener things anyone can do.

The 14 watt IDAPT i4 can charge any four devices simultaneously. Many multi-chargers do not have the power to charge more than one item at a time! The USB port has 850ma capacity and is verified for iPad charging

As of May 2010 IDAPTs will charge over 4000 mobile devices and new tips are being introduced on a regular basis, making IDAPT future-proof. The USB port covers all devices not suitable for tip use

* AA/AAA batteries
* DC Jack - Sony PSP
* iPod / iPhone (latest generation compatible)
* iPad via high-power iPad verified USB port
* LG1
* Multi-tip A - Samsung / Kyocera / Audiovox / LG / Kindle and many more
* microUSB - Plantronics / Motorola / Blackberry and many more
* miniUSB - Garmin / Magellan / Tom Tom / Navigon and more
* Nintendo DS-L / DSi
* Nokia 1 / Nokia 2
* Palm - PSP Go (coming soon)
* Samsung 1 / 2/ 3 / 4
* Sansa
* Sony Ericsson 1 / 2

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