MultiBay Trayless HSB-V RAID Cluster Storage Subsystem with Blu-ray

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Austin, Texas - February 12, 2008 - FirewireDirect (Akumen Inc), a leading supplier and manufacturer of FireWire800, eSATA (Serial-ATA) storage cluster hardware and RAID subsystems announces the new 'HSB-V' -Touted as the most configurable 4-Bay storage solution on the market and also offers the best value available.

The HSB-V 4-Bay is configurable with five different types of host interfaces: 4x eSATA, 1x Multilane Infiniband, 1x Port Multiplier (PM), 1x PM w/RAID or as paired FireWire800/USBv2.0 Combo ports. When utilized with available PCIe 8x RAID controller the HSB-V can easily be configured as a RAID 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 or as a JBOD.

The PCIe hardware RAID controller also offers features like Variable Sector Size (VSS) breaking the 2TB limitation and making it possible to have logical disk sizes of up to 40TB. The HSB-V is also available with an integrated 50GB Blu-Ray HD Burner or Reader, which is supported, natively with MacOSX 10.5. If selected for Windows, a software download link is bundled.

The HSB-V 4-Bay is available as an enclosure kit for as low as $269 or in a 4TB/4000GB configuration for $1600, completely built (configured, tested and verified) and utilizing high performance SATA II drives. The Trayless HSB-V 2-Bay and 8-Bay solutions will be available soon.

The HSB-V is designed to support a full range of users, professional content creation applications, digital video, digital audio, data centers and both departmental and DVR server users who need a flexible, universal storage system. The HSB-V creates a common and easy storage building block for current and future data storage needs.

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