Freeridecoding updates SmartBackup to 2.2

February 13, 2008 in Utility (E)


Vienna, Austria - February 13, 2008 - Freeridecoding announces a major update for its straightforward backup tool, SmartBackup v2.2. SmartBackup is the ideal application to perform all kinds of daily backups to hard drives, network sharepoints, webDAV, usb sticks, iPods etc.

From a smart efficient document backup to a full bootable backup of MacOSX - SmartBackup is very easy to set up and straightforward. The tool supports the use of Spotlights "saved searches" as backup items or to define exclusion which makes creating dynamic backups (all protected iTunes files, all documents changed this week, etc) very simple. SmartBackup optionally archives deleted or changed items during each backup and keeps them sorted in an archive folder.

SmartBackup supports handling of multiple backup sets and can be automated using iCal, Automator or for the unix pros using the commandline mode and shellscripts.

New Additions in 2.2:
* Supports full bootable backups
* Interface improvements
* Improved performance
* Improved Leopard support
* Bugfixes
* Requires 10.4

More details on what is new in the update can be found on their website.

* Straightforward interface
* Backup presets
* Backup/exclude saved searches
* Archiving of changed/deleted files
* Bootable backups
* Easy handling of multiple backup sets
* Powerful built-in sync engine
* Preserves important metadata
* Optimized for network backup
* Schedulable with iCal or Automator
* Commandline mode
* Built-in restore

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.4 or higher
* Full Tiger and Leopard compatibility
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel

Language Support:
English, German

Pricing and Availability:
SmartBackup is a recommended update for all customers. Single 15 Euro (approx. $22 USD), Family Pack 30 Euro (approx. $44 USD). Site licenses available. Press licenses for evaluation are available upon request.

Freeridecoding is an independent developer of smart and delicious MacOSX tools. Freeridecoding is currently located in Vienna, Austria (Europe). Other well known products: BurnAgain DVD.