freshcode Launches Experience Bodega Promotion

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[] Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - Popular Macintosh software developer, freshcode, today announced the launch of an exciting promotion dubbed 'Experience Bodega.' Available exclusively through the Bodega application, 'Experience Bodega' provides users with 50% discounts on some of today's most popular Mac applications. Experience Bodega celebrates the phenomenal success Bodega has enjoyed over the last year, and introduces countless new users to the unique, intuitive, and compelling software discovery and acquisition experience for which Bodega is renowned.

Running July 28 through August 27, 2010, 'Experience Bodega' provides users with the exclusive opportunity to purchase eight (8) of the most popular software applications available through Bodega at a 50% discount. What's more, users can choose any of the eight applications they want to purchase at 50% off - whether it's a single application, several applications, or all eight of them in an a la carte manner, at any time during the promotion period. In all cases, the 50% discount is applied to each application at the time of purchase, but all discounts are only available when the applications are purchased through Bodega. In order to participate, users only need the free Bodega application available at the below link.

Applications participating in the 'Experience Bodega' promotion include:

CleanMyMac from MacPaw
An extremely popular, eminently useful, gorgeously designed system utility for Mac OS X.
Normal Price: $29.95; Experience Bodega Price: Only $14.97

My Living Desktop from Amuse
Brings your Mac's desktop to life with stunning video wallpaper.
Normal Price: $34.95; Experience Bodega Price: Only $17.47

1Password from Agile Web Solutions
A premier Mac password manager with browser integration and anti-phishing technology.
Normal Price: $39.95; Experience Bodega Price: Only $19.97

Cockpit from Green & Slimy
Beautifully designed, flexible multi-application controller and automation center.
Normal Price: $24.99; Experience Bodega Price: Only $12.49

MoneyWell from No Thirst Software
Superb personal finance app to help take control of, and manage spending.
Normal Price: $49.99; Experience Bodega Price: Only $24.99

Brush Pilot from BittBox
Superior, must-have application for previewing Adobe Photoshop brushes.
Normal Price: $15.00; Experience Bodega Price: $7.50

Sandvox from Karelia Software
Award-winning app that lets the user easily create websites that really stand out.
Normal Price: $57.00; Experience Bodega Price: Only $28.50

MacDVDRipper Pro from DVDSuki Softwares
Simply the best, most intuitive way to get movies off of DVD discs and onto the Mac.
Normal Price: $9.95; Experience Bodega Price: Only $4.97

In addition, customers shopping the 'Experience Bodega' promotion are advised to watch for other great offers not mentioned above, but from some of the same developers. Kind of like the 'Easter Eggs' Macintosh users know and love from days gone past.

"We're thrilled to have 1Password included in the 'Experience Bodega' promotion," said Roustem Karimov, CEO and co-founder of Agile Web Solutions. "Having 1Password in the Bodega family helps us reach entirely new audiences in a very unique manner. We look forward to a very successful promotion, as well as to our ongoing involvement in Bodega."

"We're really excited to be a part of 'Experience Bodega,'" said MacPaw's Oleksandr Kosovan. "In addition to building a ton of additional awareness for our very popular Mac OS X utility, CleanMyMac, the 'Experience Bodega' promotion will dramatically increase awareness for Bodega, a really innovative application for discovering and buying Mac applications right from the desktop. And let's not forget, the promotion provides users with huge savings on some really fantastic Mac software."

About Bodega:
Bodega provides convenient, intuitive 'corner store' access to the latest and hottest apps for the Macintosh. Bodega dramatically assists users with the process of Macintosh app discovery, version update maintenance, application downloading and purchasing, and so much more, all from a gorgeous, intuitive interface right on the user's desktop. Bodega requires Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) or greater. Users can download Bodega free of charge via the below link.

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, freshcode is a premier development shop for all things Mac, iPhone and iPad. freshcode is committed to providing the highest quality engineering services at the best possible prices, and passionate about creating gorgeous interfaces that provide a truly engaging, visually-rich experience. When it's all combined, freshcode provides beautiful, intuitive, and user-friendly experiences that customers love. For more information, visit freshcode online.