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March 1, 2007 in Tips and How To (F)

[] FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE is a new website focused on the growing Mac community. Mainly targeted at new Mac users, the site aims to provide information and tips to better acclimate it's readers to their new piece of hardware. Started by Brent Spore ( , Creative Director of Synergy (, in Phoenix, AZ. The site has exploded in it's readership nearly overnight.

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., February 25, 2007 - In December 2006, Brent Spore, Creative Director of Synergy Productions Inc., a Scottsdale based Graphic and Media Design firm, launched a new blog, (iBAM), in an effort to supply information to the growing number of new Mac users. The iBAM blog features regularly updated text and postings to acclimate users to the new MacBook and the world of Apple. The blog's featured categories include information about Mac applications, hardware, and step-by-step instructions useful to new Mac owners. Among the highest-rated article topics are Useful Keyboard Shortcuts in OS X and comments on the flexibility and ease-of-use of Apple's iPhoto.

Drawing from their strong background in Mac-related issues, knowledgeable bloggers will comment on just about anything related to Mac's hardware and will offer opinions on Apple's latest technology and accessories. First-time Mac users will have the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about their new investment. iBAM's new bi-weekly "BAM" Report is an e-newsletter that highlights the site's top three most popular posts within the past 72 hours.

Brent Spore, creator of iBAM, says of his blog:

"I started I Bought a Mac with the intention to document my conversion to the Mac platform from PC. As I explored the information available to me, I found that information was widely scattered across the Internet and hard to track down. The iBAM website quickly became a one-stop source for Mac related tips and information. As it grows, it will branch out to emerging technologies and product reviews. I never expected it to grow the way it has and have the following it has developed in such a short time. I am very excited that a passion of mine has become a useful resource for myself and others like me."

Since it's inception in December of 2006, has grown to embrace hundreds of visitors and thousands of page views daily. Traffic continues to grow at a steady rate as iBAM articles are receiving positive reviews across the Internet.

About Synergy

Synergy Productions ( is a Scottsdale based Graphic and Media Design firm that started in 1998 and offers creative design and media solutions for its clients. Synergy focuses on brand development and reinforcing their clients' brand through a variety of media including print and web design and through video and other media production. Synergy offers eMarketing and "Web 2.0" services through The Creation Shop (, which gives businesses access to email marketing, podcasting, and blogging solutions.

About Brent Spore

Brent Spore ( is the founder and Creative Director of Synergy since 1998. In 2006 he launched The Creation Shop (TCS), an eMarketing, Web 2.0 solution provider. An avid blogger, he is creator and co-author of the iBAM and TCS blogs. He is a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars about web design, blogging, podcasting, email marketing, and media design.

Brent Spore
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