TotalView Technologies Announces TotalView Workbench Manager

February 22, 2008 in Mac OSX (F)

[] Natick, MA - February 22, 2008 - TotalView Technologies, the world's leading provider of robust, feature-rich debugging tools for the multi-core era, today announced the release of its new TotalView(R) Workbench Manager application. The TotalView Workbench Manager (version 1.1) allows software engineers and programmers to create a highly integrated, cohesive view of the development and debugging workflow process.

With the release of the Workbench Manager, developers can now view, manage, and launch any version of the award-winning TotalView Debugger and MemoryScape memory debugger that is installed on their system, as well as any third party application used for development and debugging, all from a single dashboard-like Graphical User Interface.

The Workbench Manager also provides easy access to the TotalView Technologies online support center and product documentation. The company has previewed the workflow integration with the open source TAU Performance System(TM).

"The idea behind the Workbench Manager is fairly simple," said Kelly Cunningham, vice president of engineering at TotalView Technologies. "We wanted to provide developers with an easy and useful mechanism for integrating and managing both the commercial and open source development tools in their tool chain. By facilitating the integration of our award-winning debugging tools with other commercial and open source development tools, programmers can now access and run the tools they actually use on a daily basis more efficiently and more effectively."

TotalView Debugger is a comprehensive source code and optional memory debugging solution that dramatically enhances and simplifies the process of debugging parallel, data-intensive, multi-process, multi-threaded or network-distributed applications. Built to handle the complexities of the world's most demanding applications, TotalView Debugger supports hybrid applications that utilize OpenMP and MPI to make efficient use of multi-core clusters.

TotalView Debugger debugs applications built from components that may have been written in different languages (FORTRAN 90 and C++, for example) and then compiled with different compilers (Intel and GCC, for example) but run together as a single executable. TotalView Debugger is robust and easy to use, with an intuitive GUI that helps users quickly isolate and identify the root cause of problems.

MemoryScape is an easy-to-use, graphical, interactive memory debugger that helps developers, build engineers, and QA testers identify, inspect and resolve difficult memory problems in C, C++ and FORTRAN, including complex multi-process and multi-threaded programs. Designed to be an integrated part of the software development process, MemoryScape allows development teams to watch for memory leaks and monitor memory usage while an application is running.

It enables developers to monitor heap memory, view memory usage, locate memory leaks, track memory events and show corrupted memory. Developers can also save and compare memory states and compile sophisticated memory reports. MemoryScape is non-intrusive, so developers can find memory problems without recompiling, and without waiting all day for even the smallest test to run.

The TotalView Workbench Manager is available now for download at no additional cost. The Workbench Manager can also be obtained as part of the TotalView Workbench Bundle and installed in a single operation along with the TotalView Debugger and MemoryScape. Additionally, the new TotalView Debugger 8.4 and MemoryScape 2.2 versions are also now available.

For more than 20 years, TotalView Technologies products have been at work in research institutions, government laboratories, and technical computing centers, as well as commercial enterprises in the financial services, telecommunications, biotech, aerospace, weather prediction, film special effects and animation, oil and gas exploration, and computer-aided engineering markets. Recognized worldwide as the gold standard for debugging in high-performance, distributed or cluster computing environments, TotalView Technologies' award-winning technology is used to solve the world's toughest computing problems on many of the world's largest supercomputers.


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