Talking Headz 1.0 on iOS - Send Animated Character, Morphed-Voice Movies

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[] Burnley, United Kingdom - Ascii Studios today is pleased to introduce Talking Headz 1.0 for iOS, their entertainment and social networking app which allows the user to create, email, and post original character animation movies containing their own morphed voice. Choosing one of five included characters the user records their voice message. On playback, the character's mouth moves synchronously to pronounce each word. In addition, vocal pitch, tempo, and resonance can be altered to create humorous effects. Talking Headz can be used to create entertaining and funny messages and posts, as well as comedy sketches and parodies. The app requires a microphone for recording voices. Both the iPad and iPhone have built-in mics, but the iPod touch requires an external, plug-in headset/mic.

Talking Headz comes with five different animated characters: Apple Headz (female green apple with long lashes and red lips), Baby Doll Headz (blue-eyed, unclothed infant with a large head and small body), Clown Headz (photo of colorful, smiling clown with orange hair and a blue hat), Ginger Tom Headz (photo of orange Tom cat with long whiskers), and Goldfish Headz (photo of goldfish with small mouth and wide-set eyes). All characters simulate speech using complex, voice-dependent animation of their mouths. The mouth does not simply move up and down. Rather, it moves realistically, syllable by syllable. The character's eyes blink convincingly at the beginning or end of some sentences, further adding to the illusion.

Once recorded, the voice may be altered using the built-in DIRAC Time Stretch/Pitch Shift technology, which allows simultaneous, independent control of tempo, pitch, and resonance. It is quick and simple to create a high-pitched cartoon voice which speaks at normal speed. Following the creation of an animated clip, it is easy to create another using a different character and different voice effect. Clips are saved in the order created, and may be exported or saved as a single, multi-clip movie. In this way characters may engage in an entertaining dialogue if desired.

Feature Highlights:
* Create, save, and share animated characters featuring your own voice
* Extremely simple to use: just pick a character and touch the red record button
* Recorded voices may be morphed in limitless ways using built-in DIRAC technology
* Share your finished move on Facebook, YouTube or email from within the app
* Many other characters available as an in-app purchase
* Characters speak words using advanced animation technology syncing movement with words
* Create multi-character, dialog driven movies by stacking clips to create a movie

Talking Headz includes an integrated sharing function, which allows the user to share movie messages using YouTube, Facebook, or email without leaving the app. While the five included characters encompass a wide range of creative possibilities, Ascii Studios has created a host of additional characters, each of which is available as an optional extra. Some other animated, talking Headz include: Snake, Pug Puppy, Lion, Lamb, Guinea Pig, Frog, Cow, Chick, Black Cat, Bacon & Eggs, Mug of Beer, Football, and more.

"Entertain your friends on FaceBook and YouTube with irresistible animated characters speaking in crazy voices," said company Director Stephen Eddy. "Talking Headz 1.0 employs sophisticated animation and sound technologies that make you look like a pro."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (requires external headset/mic)
* iOS 3.0 or later
* 5.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Talking Headz 1.0 is specially priced during a brief introductory period at no charge, and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Social Networking category. Review copies are available upon request.

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