Third Freeway 5 Public Beta Released

February 28, 2008 in Software (E)

[] Oxford, UK - February 28, 2008 - Today, Softpress Systems released the third public beta of Freeway 5, the award-winning HTML generator. With a traditional page layout approach, Freeway makes it easy to create dynamic websites without the need to write code. The free beta can be downloaded from the Softpress Systems website.

"We're in the final stages of the Freeway 5 development now," Softpress Managing Director Richard Logan said, "As we get closer to launch, we need the help of our users to ensure Freeway 5 is the best it can possibly be."

With the help of user feedback, this version of the beta contains many fixes and improvements, and is proving very stable and usable.

Freeway 5 New Features -

Alongside Freeway's traditional features (Master Pages, Freeway Shop and hundreds of other powerful time-saving features), Freeway 5 has a wide-range of new functionality including:

* CSS menus - create amazing, high-speed dropdown or fly-out navigation schemes in minutes.
* Personalized Blogger templates.
* A suite of Google Actions to allow users to add Google content effortlessly.
* Actions - a range of sensational dynamic effects: fade, blind, pulsate and more.
* Accessibility provisions, including reports and views to ensure your target audience gets exactly what they need.
* Many other new features and improvements, including sliced background images, background effects, new graphic effects, nested HTML lists, Save Archive, iPhoto import, color labeling, and more.

Freeway 5 Pro and Freeway 5 Express will be launched as downloads on March 27, 2008. Until then, special discount pricing is available directly from the Softpress Store: Upgrades from Freeway 4 Pro to Freeway 5 Pro are $69, upgrades from Freeway 4 Express to Freeway 5 Express are just $39. Owners of Freeway 4 Express can upgrade to Freeway 5 Pro for $129. More pricing details can be found at the Softpress Systems website.

Any copy of Freeway 4 purchased anywhere after January 1st, 2008 and before the launch, will also be entitled to a free upgrade to Freeway 5. Proof of purchase will be required.

About Freeway:
Freeway, famous for its ease-of-use and clean efficient standards-compliant code generation, is the tool of choice for professionals and home Mac users who prefer to focus on design issues, not on coding!

Softpress was founded in 1993 to address the emerging needs of professional publishers and designers for cross-media authoring tools. Freeway, and its extensive feature set, result from Softpress' ongoing efforts to identify and meet the real needs of web designers in today's environment. Softpress creates tools that many people rely on for their day-to-day business, so they listen carefully to their customers. Future upgrades and product offerings will continue to demonstrate Softpress' commitment to quality, leading-edge innovation and customer service.