Beezwax announces Inspector Pro 3

in FileMaker (F)

[] Oakland California - Beezwax and FM::Nexus are proud to announce the availability of Inspector Pro 3, a major upgrade to this powerful and innovative analysis package for FileMaker(TM). Inspector Pro 3 is an indispensable tool for any FileMaker developer, quickly identifying hard-to-find issues, providing detailed comparisons between solution iterations, and showing all dependencies and references for any element in FileMaker Pro 8, 9, 10, and 11 solutions.

Industry legend Vincenzo Menanno and his team of FileMaker gurus completely rebuilt Inspector from the ground-up to take advantage of FileMaker 11, including use of comprehensive Quick Find based searching. Inspector Pro 3's dozens of enhancements and new features help developers produce high quality FileMaker solutions and save hours of trouble. Inspector has long been the gold standard for analyzing FileMaker solutions, and version 3 is better than ever.

Introducing FileMaker Go Compatibility Checks:
To deliver solid FileMaker Go ready solutions, developers need to know if their scripts and functions are FileMaker Go compatible, and exactly where any incompatibilities are located. Inspector Pro 3 makes this an easy task, clearly marking FileMaker Go incompatibility warnings - giving an at-a-glance view of what may need attention for supporting the Go platform.

Way Faster: (We're Serious)
Fine-tuned for performance, Inspector Pro 3 analyzes FileMaker DDRs (Database Design Reports) at jaw-dropping speeds. More information takes far less time to process, allowing developers to effectively validate, fix, and revalidate solutions as they work. Trial downloads are immediately available so developers can see the version 3 performance enhancements for themselves.

Packed with New Features:
Inspector's renowned problem detection functionality has now been expanded to include both warnings and suggestions. Detection can be run even after an analysis has been completed, and users can optimize detection for different situations by choosing which areas to check, such as Script Steps or Relationships.

Clear and accurate color-coded comparison reporting shows exactly what's changed since any other previous analysis of a FileMaker solution. This is perfect for tracking down breaking changes to a solution, or just for reviewing all changes since a baseline analysis.

Inspector Pro 3 offers consolidated views of references and dependencies for any element in your solution. Find our exactly where a variable is referenced, or where a field is used. Inspector Pro 3 even organizes items that the DDR doesn't normally report on. For example, it shows third party functions as well as native functions everywhere they are referenced, and allows you to see a complete list of variables used in the solution.

Highly Customizable - Work the Way You Want:
Inspector Pro 3 allows custom views across an array of reports. Tune Inspector Pro 3 to your specific needs by choosing exactly which of over thirty FileMaker element types you want checked and compared in your solution - everything from Accounts to Value Lists. Choose to compare differences between analyses in either side-by-side or inline views. Work the way that makes sense to you.

About FM::Nexus:
FM::Nexus is committed to helping FileMaker developers build better solutions, and enabling businesses and organizations to stay focused on what they do best. Headquartered in Oakland, CA, FM::Nexus develops a line of software products including the Web Services Plug-in and Inspector, the best tool to document, debug, and diagnose your FileMaker Pro system.

Pricing and Availability:
Inspector Pro 3 is available immediately from Beezwax Datatools, Inc. Until August 28th, 5 pm, FileMaker DevCon 2010 attendees may purchase Inspector Pro 3 for a 30% discount, available at the Beezwax booth. Single user, team, site and education/nonprofit licenses are also available. For additional pricing and discount information or to purchase now, please visit the Beezwax online store. If you're a serious FileMaker developer, Inspector Pro 3 should be in your toolkit. But don't believe the hype, try it yourself for free. Download the full-featured trial version, load it into FM11, import a DDR and see it in action.

A recognized industry leader in FileMaker Pro development, Beezwax has built more than 700 successful custom database and web projects for over 350 satisfied clients. Beezwax distributes widely-used products and tools for other developers, and is a certified Platinum-level member of the FileMaker Business Alliance. If you're looking to upgrade or improve your FileMaker system, Beezwax is here to help. Copyright (C) 2010 Beezwax Datatools, Inc. All Rights Reserved.