The Language Buddy iPhone app makes remembering Foreign Languages easy

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[] Clinton, Louisiana - Independent developer Buddy Bergman today released version 1.0 of a new app called The Language Buddy that provides a simple interface to enter in a word or short phrase in your native language along with a Romanized "sounds like" spelling for another language. Add that you can also assign photos and audio clips The Language Buddy provides an easy way for you to manage new words and phrases as you make your travels to far off or local lands.

If you find yourself taking a vacation to a far off land and you don't have time to learn the their language by heart then this app does the next best thing. You can enter in words in your native language, typically English, but it can be any language, and you also enter in the foreign language Romanized "sounds like" spelling. Now you have an easy way to reference that word again in the future. Plus, you can assign pictures and audio clips to those entries!

Lets say you are in South Korea and you go to a restaurant. You want to remember the name of the food you ate so you open up the Language Buddy and take a picture of your meal and enter the name of it plus take a picture and record an audio clip of how to properly pronounce that dish. Now you have reference to that picture anytime you think back wondering what it was that you had that one time.

* Create multiple language sets like English-to-Spanish, English-to-Korean, Japanese-to-English, etc.
* Create categories to organize your entries like food, phrases, people, etc.
* Add a picture to represent an entry like foods, objects, people, etc.
* Record an audio clip for your entries so you can hear the pronunciation whenever you want
* Search all entries in each language set
* Edit the Entries/Categories/Language Sets
* Change the background color
* Set the application to always startup a particular language set so you can jump right in making new entries without jumping around from screen to screen (Primarily for iOS 3.x since the app will always run in the background when using IOS4 unless the app was explicitly exited)

Examples of Use:
* You are traveling abroad and want to remember simple everyday words like Hello, Goodbye, Good Afternoon, Thank you, etc.
* You are traveling abroad and learn a new word or phrase that you want to note for easy future reference
* You eat some new foreign food and you want to remember how to pronounce that food the next time you want it
* You meet new people and don't want to forget their name or face, but don't want to add them to your address book

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPod touch
* Requires iPhone OS 3.1.3 or later
* 0.6 MB

The Language Buddy 1.0 is free to download. It will let you create 3 Language Sets and create 10 entries per Language Set. You can do an In-App upgrade for $1.99 to unlock unlimited Language Sets and unlimited entries.

Buddy Bergman is an independent software developer operating out of Clinton, Louisiana, USA. Copyright (C)2010 Buddy Bergman. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and other countries.


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