Imperial Penguin Brings Brain Shaper to the Desktop

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[] Smithfield, Virginia - Independent developer Imperial Penguin has announced the release of Brain Shaper, its audio-visual brainwave entrainment app for Mac OS X. Several companies sell goggles and headphone sets to achieve similar results. These machines cost anywhere from fifty dollars to hundreds of dollars. With Imperial Penguin's 'Brain Shaper' program, the users monitor flashes in sync with the binaural beats. This setup allows the program to replace the expensive goggles for a fraction of the price; just $10.00. The free demo users to try all of the sessions, but imposes a maximum time of 5 minutes.

The app features eleven brainwave entrainment options, each of which takes advantage of binaural beats to guide the brain to the desired brain wave state and advantage of the light from the screen to manipulate the circadian rhythms in the body to further enhance the effect.

The desktop version of the software includes some features not present in its mobile counterpart. These include a background tone of the 528hz solfeggio frequency. This frequency is believed by some to help aid in meditation. The desktop version also features additional background audio tracks, included a babbling brook, pouring rain, and a lullaby, for an even more relaxing meditation experience. The eleven sessions included in the program are:

* Active Concentration - This program will raise your brain wave frequency, allowing you maximum alertness to tackle whatever deserves your complete attention.

* Complete Meditation - This program will take you from the average waking frequency all the way to the low delta frequencies to take you away from it all. Once at the bottom of the frequency range the program will present you with blue light, scientifically proven to react with your circadian rhythm to help keep you awake. This will allow you full control of your mind as you journey through this relaxing state.

* Deep Sleep - Like the previous program, this one also takes you down from normal waking levels to the delta levels associated with deep sleep and loss of body awareness. It uses long-wavelength red light, which has less effect on the circadian system that blue light, allowing you to drift into a restful slumber.

* Deep Thought Meditation - Unlike the Complete Meditation program, this one will only lower you down to the theta wave state. This frequency is associated with deep meditation and will allow you more brain activity during your session. It uses the same blue light to help keep your circadian rhythm in the waking state.

* Dream Sleep - This program also takes you down to the theta wave state, but uses red light for minimal effect on the circadian rhythm. During sleep, the theta wave frequencies are associated with REM sleep and a period of dreaming.

* Morning Wake - This selection is designed for short session that will invigorate your mind and bring it up from the lower frequencies associated with sleep. All of the colors used during this session contain blue light, which reacts with circadian system to bring you to a waking state.

* Quick Meditation - This program is designed for shorter duration meditation sessions. It will only take you down to the alpha wave state, this will allow a quick relaxation without making it difficult to bring yourself back to an awake and fully alert state.

* Relaxed to Deep Thought - This program is exactly like the Deep Thought Meditation program, except it begins your journey at the high alpha wave state. This is beneficial if you are already in a relaxed state and find the Deep Thought Meditation program starts off at too high a frequency.

* Relaxed to Complete Meditation - This program is equivalent to the Complete Meditation program in the same way that the Relaxed to Deep Thought program is similar to Deep Thought Meditation. Use it if you are beginning in a relaxed state and want to go down to a deep meditation.

* Tired to Deep Sleep - This program is designed for people who are already tired or relaxed and want to go down to the sleep state that the Deep Sleep program induces.

* Tired to Dream Sleep - This program is designed for people who are already tired or relaxed and want to go down to the sleep state that the Dream Sleep program induces.

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