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[] Quebec, Canada - Playback. BlogAssist. AppDelete. What will you choose for the monthly bundle? Month Bundle, a website that allows its viewers to choose their favorite electronic applications, is currently accepting September votes! After voters have casted their ballot on Sept. 14, the top 10 applications will be selected from the list and compiled into a monthly package. From Sept. 15 to Sept. 30, participants will be able to purchase the package of applications for a significantly reduced rate of $39.

Bundle options range from SyncMate, which allows Mac owners to sync their computer with multiple devices, to Funtastic Photos, an easy to use Mac photo software system, each participant is allowed to vote on each application. With a variety of options to choose from, the website also gives voters a brief description and image of each application.

Some of the applications include Relationship Remade, a project organizer, the MPEG2 Works 4, an application that allows burning, authorization and encoding on a disc simultaneously, Sizeup, an application that positions a computer window to each individual's preference, Dejal Caboodle, a storage and organizer application and more.

Each application has a specific purpose to make any type of work easier to accomplish. Whether it is sizing a computer window to fit an appropriate space or organizing a list of recipes onto a computer, Month Bundle tries to fit every voter's individual needs.

Additionally, voting on Month Bundle is made quick and easy. By clicking the green arrow next to each application, that signals that you like the application. By clicking the red arrow next to each application, that signals that you would rather miss out on having that application become part of the bundle. But choose with caution. Once a voter has clicked either the red or green arrow next to each application, the final ballot is cast.

The Month Bundle website is devoted to listening to it's voters and only providing the best quality in applications. Whereas some websites try to sell unreliable applications, Month Bundle assures its customers that their vote matters. For additional information on Month Bundle and to vote on September's applications, please visit Month Bundle.

Month Bundle was founded by David LeCzar in early 2010. Month Bundle aims to provide the best Mac applications on the market at the lowest possible prices every month. David LeCzar has much experience in the web and application industries and is a computer science graduate. Copyright (C) 2010 Month Bundle. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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