Toolbox 0.7.8 - Now with vector graphics

March 10, 2008 in Image Editing (E)

[] Copenhagen Denmark - Opcoders announces the third public alpha of Toolbox, the visual programming tool which enables the combination of bitmaps, vector graphics and effects into amazing works of digital art. This latest release includes support for vector shape editing and filters.

Shape Editing:
Toolbox' new modeless vector editor allows for a unique realtime feedback experience while drawing and manipulating shapes. Start by drawing any vector shape, try out different shape filters, merge with other shapes, and finally do post-processing with bitmap filters - quite a creative experience.

Vector Tagging:
Vector tagging is Toolbox' new automated selection mechanism. Each shape or point can be tagged for further processing, mounting of other shapes and controlling the softening of edges.

New processing bricks:
* 'edit' for drawing shapes.
* 'align' snaps points to invisible grids.
* 'soft' smoothens vector shapes.
* 'shape' generates supershapes.
* 'gear' generates gear like shapes.
* 'transform' rotates/zooms/moves individual shapes.
* 'mount' attaches shapes onto the points of other shapes.
* 'mix' combines shapes.
* 'style' color fills and outlines shapes.
* 'render path' converts vector paths into bitmaps.
* 'leopard' generates leopard skin patterns.

New example projects has been created which shows Toolbox' new vector processing capabilities.

Other changes:

* A hidden admin window for changing exotic OpenGL settings has been added. The window can be accessed by holding down the CMD key when Toolbox is started.

* Toolbox' window layout has been improved.

* Processing bricks are now tinted in different colors to make it easier to distinguish between their output and processing capabilities.

* Every well-configured brick has visible output when double clicked.

* Fixes for several stability issues.

Toolbox 0.7.8 requires Mac OS X 10.5. 2 GB ram. 256 MB vram.

Pricing and Availability:
Toolbox is 20.00 Euro for the single user license.

Opcoders is a one-man company, founded in 2006 by Simon Strandgaard. Graphics, 2d, photo, vector, layers, effects, web, procedural, textures, iphoto, seamless, realtime.


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