OmniGrowl Heavily Discounted In TheMacBundles' September Mega Bundle

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[] Ann Arbor, Michigan - Mac users can now enjoy OmniGrowl, one of Wooden Brain Concepts' flagship products at a great discount for the next 4 weeks. Wooden Brain Concepts, a software company specializing in practical tools for Mac home users, has partnered with TheMacBundles for an exclusive discount in this month's bundle and in their innovative Build Your Own Bundle stores, where customizable bundles start at only $29.75.

"OmniGrowl provides practical notifications that everyone can use. We believe anyone who tries it will immediately wonder how he or she lived without it. Yet so far its audience has been limited," said Loren Ryter, President. "That's why we're working with TheMacBundles - we want to get our software in the hands of many more people."

TheMacBundles was set up by Steve Becker as a "Farmers' Market" for software, essentially a co-op where software developers can bundle their software titles for maximum exposure. September's bundle of 15 titles has a retail value of over $340 but sells for only $49.95 and includes OmniGrowl, one of Wooden Brain Concepts' best-selling applications.

OmniGrowl provides over a dozen of kinds of practical notification content through the free Growl passive notification framework in a highly valuable way. No longer do you need to set alarms in iCal, for instance. OmniGrowl will automatically alert you to your scheduled iCal events one hour, a half hour, and several minutes before the event.

It will provide weather and local traffic notifications, and alert you to upcoming concerts and local events of interest to you. Simply by entering airline flights in iCal or subscribing to itineraries from tripit, OmniGrowl will provide flight status notifications automatically.

It will show you stock quotes, horoscopes, sports scores, your favorite news (RSS) feeds, twitter and facebook updates, iTunes track changes, and much more as well. OmniGrowl even comes pre-configured with over a hundred popular news feeds from which to choose. Of interest to more advanced users, OmniGrowl can integrate easily with GeekTool to put iTunes track info and artwork on your desktop, and includes a plug-in framework for further customization.

Wooden Brain Concepts has been making Mac software for well over 10 years. Besides OmniGrowl, its popular products include iDupe (a tool for removing iTunes duplicates intelligently), Cast Away (a utility to customize podcast management and auto-playback on a per-podcast basis), and CaliBrate (a tool to batch process iCal events). Wooden Brain Concepts believes in affordable software and the true principle of shareware. Copyright (C) 2010 Wooden Brain Concepts. All Rights Reserved. Growl (C) 2004 - 2010 Growl Team.


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