Mac Time Tracking with Full Leopard Compatibility in OfficeTime 1.3

March 13, 2008 in Project Tracking (E)

[] Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Tracking time just became easier for Mac users converting to Leopard, OS X 10.5. OfficeTime's latest release (version 1.3) now offers full Leopard compatibility with iCal synchronization for a visual display of your workday. iCal synchronization continues to be supported on Tiger and older versions of Mac OS X.

iCal Integration:
A report of your time is one thing. A visual display of what you've been working on is empowering. See all of your trackable time laid out inside iCal automatically with seamless synchronization with OfficeTime.

You can just as easily make an appointment or block off time in iCal, and OfficeTime intuitively filters it back to the appropriate project. What could be simpler?

This is true calendar synchronization. You don't just export or import from iCal like many other products. Make an event in iCal and it appears instantly in OfficeTime. Edit the event in either program and your change is automatically reflected in both.

Using iCal's Day View, you can visually see missing gaps in your day from your OfficeTime recordings. Make a quick adjustment or add a missing event and your changes are automatically updated to OfficeTime. OfficeTime will even apply the correct category and hourly rate based on the project calculating your billables for the day, week or month.

Once in iCal, Apple's Sync can send a record of your time to your iPod, iPhone or other handheld devices. So, when you are on the go, you are still in sync. With 2-way synchronization, OfficeTime easily updates changes made out of the office back into your project.

In keeping with OfficeTime's overall design philosophy, you don't have to think about iCal synchronization. It just works. Intuitively and invisibly.

OfficeTime Version 1.3 offers over 20 new features, improvements and fixes available free to all current users. OfficeTime is available for both Mac and Windows machines and data can be moved seamlessly between both.

Find out why teams, consultants and freelancers rely on OfficeTime's ease of use: intuitive reporting for individuals and teams, quick invoicing, and full Leopard compatibility.

Purchase: $39.95 with a 60-Day Satisfaction Guarantee. Mac User Groups may contact OfficeTime's Website for further discounts. Journalists, newsletter publishers, bloggers and others: Get a working version of OfficeTime and feel free to reprint any of our Tip of the Day items, with an agreement to review our product and include order information.

Transcena Design Inc., a busy web and applications development firm, needed to track its employees' time. When they couldn't find a full featured tracking application with ease of use, this 17-year old agency (with a zest for clean design and usable interfaces), decided to build a time-tracker from scratch. OfficeTime is their answer for an intuitive solution.


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