MacBasket's new Mac Bundle for Developers, Students and Average Users

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[] London, United Kingdom - In case you have not heard. MacBasket announced a new alternative to the Macintosh software bundle. MacBasket aims to provide the best Mac applications available now, by ensuring that the relevant apps reach the relevant consumers. Bundles are tailored to specific user groups, customer satisfaction is the primary goal. With MacBasket, developers are fairly recompensed and MacBasket always strives to work with developers that produce quality and needed apps. At a price of $49 (USD) per bundle with bundles being tailored to specific user groups, customer satisfaction is the primary goal.

In addition to the unique approach that MacBasket is undertaking, the core values of the company are still maintained. These values are highlighted in the assurance that developers are fairly recompensed, and by aiming to be socially responsible; 10% of any profits will go towards MacBasket's nominated charities.

Despite the increase in the Mac Bundle Sales market, there are still key elements that negatively affect consumers. The main deficiencies in the widely available mac bundle promotions are threefold:

* In most bundles, consumers can never get a satisfactory number of useful apps out of those available.
* Even with the option of voting for apps, the voting pool never seems to contain apps that compliment each other well.
* The most popular apps available worldwide, rarely dominate in bundles.

MacBasket aims to eliminate these shortfalls by providing targeted apps to a specific field or market. This is achieved by having different portals to access different sets of bundles, which will be packaged with relevant apps. The upcoming launch will have the following three bundle fields:

* Developer/Designer
* Student
* Average Mac User

On the MacBasket website there is a choice to register an interest for a specific Bundle Category. In the near future more categories will be added as MacBasket continues to increase it's global reach. Starting October, MacBasket will make this offer available for a 14-day period only. So register your interest today. Macbasket will never share your email with any third party; we will only contact you to announce the launch.

MacBasket was founded by Niki Okala and Lawrence Suss in 2010. MacBasket aims to provide the best Mac applications specifically chosen for a certain category, at the lowest possible prices. Niki and Lawrence have great experience in the web and application industries and have both launched successful online businesses. Copyright (C) 2010 MacBasket. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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