Announcing EZ-RUN - Reinventing the Pedometer and Heart Rate Monitor

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[] Gaithersburg, Maryland - iNtervalSoft today announced EZ-RUN and its trial version, EZ-RUN LT. EZ-RUN revolutionizes the running computer by using the iPhone and iPod touch in a new and exciting way. EZ-RUN uses any ANT+ heart rate monitor belt and ANT+ foot pod to easily and accurately track a runner's heart rate, speed, and pace. And of course, it is audible, so runners don't have to look at the screen to know how they are doing.

How it Works

EZ-RUN uses Wahoo Fitness's Fisica to transform any iPhone or iPod touch into a full-featured running computer. The Fisica is a small accessory that plugs directly into an iPhone or iPod touch and turns the device into a receiver for any ANT+ sensor such as heart rate monitor belts and foot pods. Although many manufacturers make ANT+ sensors, users can buy the necessary heart rate belt and foot pod directly from Wahoo Fitness's online store.

EZ-RUN uses the sensors to record heart rate, running speed, and pace. All three are displayed on EZ-RUN's easy to read display. But since most runners don't look at their iPhone while running, the user can set EZ-RUN to audibly inform them of their heart rate, speed, and pace.

EZ-RUN can also use GPS if using an iPhone. A user can track GPS or use GPS to determine speed and pace. For accuracy, the foot pod is recommended over GPS determined speed.

After their run, a user can review results in EZ-RUN, send the results to FaceBook, or send the results to Training Peaks for further analysis. More upload options will be available in the next version. Rather than tying the user into an online site, with a hefty subscription fee, EZ-RUN lets the user choose what to do with the data.

EZ-RUN uses real sensors. No tapping an iPhone's screen to guesstimate heart rate. No putting a phone in running shorts to guesstimate steps. EZ-RUN relies on industry standard, accurate, ANT+ sensors. EZ-RUN is the new standard in iPhone/iPod touch running apps.

There is no risk to try EZ-RUN - a user can try EZ-RUN LT for free. If they like it, they can buy the full version. If they don't, they can go to Wahoo Sport's website and find another compatible App to buy on iTunes App Store. And if they don't like any apps, remember, the user can use the heart rate monitor belt and foot pod with other ANT+ products such as sports watches.

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