FileMaker on Your iPhone or Treo in 15 Minutes

March 18, 2008 in FileMaker (E)

[] Richmond, VA - FMWebschool, Inc. FileMaker on your iPhone or Treo in 15 minutes. FMWebschool is proud to announce JumpStart. JumpStart is a powerful new technology created by FMWebschool. JumpStart enables you to use your FileMaker databases on mobile devices. Now you can access your data anywhere you have an internet connection.

What is JumpStart?
JumpStart is a web based application that connects to your FileMaker database. JumpStart provides a visual picture of your database enabling you to drag and drop layouts that you want to use and point and click fields and privileges that you want displayed. JumpStart writes special code so the websites display perfectly on mobile devices.

So this must be a very basic system right?
Actually JumpStart creates a very powerful FileMaker web based solution for you. JumpStart automatically generates a full blown FileMaker website for you that enables you to create new records, delete records, edit records, search, display portals, display dynamic images and even allows editing of multiple portal rows with one click of a button. JumpStart automatically generates all of the necessary icons for navigation and interacting with the database.

What about Security can everyone see my database?
The level of security you want to add to your site is up to you. JumpStart will automatically generate a login and logout system for you. This way the only people that can access the site are the ones that have a valid username and password.

Once I create a FileMaker website how do I view it on my mobile phone?
Once you use JumpStart to create your FileMaker website, you have two choices. You can instantly download the files that you created. JumpStart automatically zips them up for you. These files can then be run on any system with FileMaker Server 9 and PHP installed. Or you can automatically upload the files to and your files will be available on your mobile device within seconds. This is an automated process; the only thing you have to do is decide what you want to name your folder. Your FileMaker website will be available to you and the world instantly.

Why can't I build this website myself without JumpStart?
You certainly can, if you want to spend 20 - 30 hours and thousands of dollars trying to replicate what JumpStart can do in 10 minutes. JumpStart is so inexpensive; you can generate your website for $9.99. If you decide that you want to make some changes to the website, no problem. You can simply open JumpStart generated pages in any web editing program. JumpStart creates clean well coded web pages that can easily be edited.

How do I get started with JumpStart?
You can learn more about JumpStart at JumpStart is a free service to all of our hosting clients and cost $9.99 a month to non hosting clients. JumpStart allows you to create unlimited websites.

If you are a FileMaker developer or you just need to make your FileMaker solution available on mobile devices now you can. JumpStart provides you with an intuitive visual interface that will enable you to deploy your FileMaker database to the web in minutes. The future of FileMaker data presentation and interaction is mobile devices. Take advantage of this opportunity to JumpStart your future.

FMWebschool is a team of creative developers specializing in innovative PHP and FileMaker web solutions since 1999. FMWebschool focuses on progressive FileMaker integrated turnkey solutions, training, books, hosting and learning resources to facilitate FileMaker web publishing. FMWebschool has a solid track record and reputation for outstanding customer support and has just won the "Mad Dog Award" from FileMaker Inc.


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