Arten Science announce a One Day 50% Discount Promotion for R10Clean

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[] Derbyshire, UK - Arten Science has announced R10Clean Version 2 Professional is available to purchase for One Day Only at an incredible 50% discount. Arten Science in conjunction with Mac Software Spotlight announce a One Day 50% Discount Promotion for R10Clean. This Wednesday 29th September 2010 for 24 hours only R10Clean will be available with an incredible 50% discount.

R10Clean is an easy to use, powerful, Cross Platform Utility designed to clean, manipulate, de-duplicate or fix large amounts of structured or un-structured data. Data can be imported from a CSV, TAB delimited or Text file, modified and then saved back in several different formats including native Excel, TAB Delimited and Comma Separated. You can also save the modified file using your own Custom Delimiter.

What Is It?
A powerful tool for working with, manipulating, de-duplicating and cleaning large amounts of data.

Who Is It For?
If you are working with databases then unless you are a programmer it is usually far easier to extract the data and work with it in the familiar column / row format when the data needs to be checked and / or cleaned.

If working in Marketing and buying in lists for mail-merge purposes, R10Clean gives you the facilities you need to make the data clean and consistent, before you put it into your database.

An IT Systems Integrator may be responsible for transferring data from a legacy system to a newer more modern solution. R10Clean will be invaluable for tidying up those export files.

Data Controllers, Report Writers, IT Departments, DBA's - anyone who has to deal with data on a regular basis.

If you should through a terrible set of circumstances be forced to work on a platform that isn't Mac OSX, then fear not as R10Clean runs on Windows and Linux also. You can even use the same license key !

R10Clean can open the following kinds of files:
* Tab Delimited
* Comma Separated
* Text

R10Clean can save in the following formats:
* Excel (XLS)
* Tab Delimited
* Comma Separated
* Text
* Custom Delimited

R10Clean supports the following Actions:
* Remove
* Replace
* Find
* Insert
* Format

Each Action has several associated Tasks. Generally speaking each task will manipulate the data for the selected rows and either the selected column, or all columns. There are some exceptions however. As you select each Task the scope of the Task is shown on the lower right hand side of the screen.

Some of the included Tasks are detailed below:

Action: Remove
Task: Remove Leading and Trailing Spaces
This task is applied to selected rows only, and either a single selected column or all columns. This task will look for and remove and leading or trailing spaces. Data from third party sources can often be plagued by hidden spaces.

Action: Replace
Task: Replace Text
This task is applied to selected rows only, and either a single selected column or all columns. This task will do a Find and Replace on your the grid.

Action: Find
Task: Find Duplicate Rows - Specific Columns
This task is applied to all rows only, and selected columns. This task will search for and highlight the rows that are duplicates, based on the specific columns you have selected.

Action: Find
Task: Count Occurences
This task is applied to selected rows only, and either a single selected column or all columns. This task will search for and count the occurrences of a specific numeric or alphanumeric value. Often used for analysing data for scientific or research purposes.

Action: Insert
Task: Insert Left Padding, Align Right
This task is applied to selected rows only, and a specific column. This task will pad out the contents of the selected column to the character width you specify. The character that will be used for padding is setup within the Preferences screen. Usually you will be using a space character for padding.

Action: Format
Task: Format as Title Case
This task is applied to selected rows only, and either a single selected column or all columns. This Task will convert the text from, for example: STEVE cholerton to Steve Cholerton. This is extremely useful for tidying up data prior to importing into a database.

Action: Format
Task: Transpose Columns / Rows
This task is applied to all rows / all columns only. This task takes the rows and converts them to columns and vice versa.

Documentation, Help and Support:
* R10Clean comes with a 15 page manual in PDF format
* The Help system can be accessed from the Help button on the Toolbar
* Email support can be accessed from the Support button on the Toolbar

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X Version 10.4 or higher
* Windows XP / Vista / Window 7
* Linux with GTK 2.x
* Universal Binary for PowerPC and Intel
* G4 Processor, 1GHz or faster
* 20 MB Hard Drive space

Pricing and Availability:
R10Clean v2 Professional is available all day Wednesday for 9.99 ($15) which is a 50% discount off our normal price of 19.99 ($31).

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