Seatubes 1.1.6 Released

March 28, 2008 in Utility (E)

[] New York - Limit Point Software announces Seatubes 1.1.6 a utility that makes it easy to batch download YouTube videos to your Mac as FLV files. Simply drag video URLs (and only video URLs) into a documents list view, then click the "Download" button. After downloaded the FLV files can be exported to any format supported by QuickTime.

Detailed progress is provided informing you of:
a) Current file being downloaded.
b) Percent complete, accompanied by a progress bar.
c) Received vs. total (expected) bytes.

Auxiliary methods of collecting URLs into the list view:

a) Use the File menu's "Import URL ..." command to populate a new Seatubes document window with all the video URLs on a specified YouTube page.

b) Use the "Add" button to add a generic placeholder which you can then edit by hand. Double click the text in the list view to begin editing it.

c) Use the "Current Browser URL" button to load the URL of the frontmost window of your web browser. (Note: this feature may not be compatible with all browsers.)

d) Drag the accompanying file named "Seatubes.inetloc" into Safari's Bookmarks bar to create a "bookmarklet" which when clicked will load the current URL into Seatubes.

e) Use a Seatubes document window's "Import URL..." button to populate the file list with all the video URLs on a specified YouTube page.

Use the Preferences Window to specify various options:

a) You can opt to have the files named using the videos ID or its title.

b) Set the download location.

c) Have Seatubes check for software updates on startup.

Use the Options drawer to specify export settings. All formats supported by QuickTime, as installed on your system, are avaliable from a popup menu.

Seatubes provides two methods of obtaining the URL of the FLV movie file. The first one is called "Redirection" and is the default method. The other method is called "Lookup." The two options are provided in case one fails. Select the method using the Preferences window.

Seatubes is a multi-window (or multi-document) application. You can associate different windows with independent collections of videos, and save them to disk for future use.

Once you download your videos you can use our AddMovie utility to convert FLV files to other formats, such as MPEG-4, to put them on other devices. To do that, or to view FLV files on your Mac, you need to install the Perian Quicktime components (

System requirements:
Mac OS X 10.4 and above.

Seatubes is part of the Limit Point Software Utility Bundle. The program initially runs in fully functional demo mode for about ten days. Then you need a registered (or permanent) password to continue using the software. You can obtain a permanent password by making a donation.

A donation in the amount of your choice ($10, $15, $20 or $25) will enable you to run all the utility software indefinitely. All updates are always free, and new utilities are always included. A complete list of the current utility collection may be found the Limit Point website.

Limit Point Software has been avidly developing software for the Mac community since 1997. In order to improve the usefulness, simplicity and dependability of our products user feedback has always been highly welcome and encouraged. Our products cover a diverse range of applications. The internet applications include bulk emailing, HTML form processing, web crawling and document indexing and searching. The "Utilities" suite is a large collection of small programs for combining movies, processing images in batch, file property editing, downloading and converting YouTube files, and much, much more.


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