Pluggy ~ voice controlled animated LED faces

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[] Pluggy is your nice electronic buddy, a little character built of colored LEDs that makes various funny faces and animations according to the volume of your voice, or when you shake or hit it.

The application includes two built-in styles (a style is a complete set of frames and animations for the all the different states of the character), but the greatest thing is that you can edit the styles as you prefer, or build your own styles from scratch. Creating a new style means drawing the faces rendered by Pluggy when you speak with a low/mid/high-volume voice, when you shake or double-tap it, when it is bored or when it's doing nothing. To draw a frame you turn on or off the LEDs of a 16x24 LED-board, and choose their color and type (you can have the basic squared or rounded LED-board, but there are many more strange LED types to choose from).

Pluggy also includes a cool graphical weather panel and as many as four clocks to check the time in the cities of your choice without leaving the app. Fun and useful, it's the perfect companion app especially while you're at work on your Mac or PC with the iPhone or iPad connected via USB lying on your side. The auto-lock feature prevents the device to go to stand-by, so that you can always give a look at Pluggy's face and have a laugh when it does strange faces after hearing the surrounding sounds.

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