New Extensive Core Data Programming Video Training Course

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[] Tetbury, United Kingdom - iDeveloper TV are pleased to announce the release of their new 11 hour programming Core Data Video Course priced at just $197 + appropriate taxes. Learn how to develop with Apples Core Data for OS X , iPhone and iPad in this new 11 hour video training course presented by Marcus Zarra and Steve Scott (Scotty) as they take you through the basics, move you swiftly into the intermediate and finish up helping you with with a host of advanced subjects as they turn you into a Core Data guru.

Whether you are targeting Mac OS X or the iPhone/iPad, it is likely your application is going to need to access and persist data. Core Data helps you avoid dealing with complex SQL API's or having to handle XML by presenting you with an elegant object oriented way to access your data.

Even though Core Data makes it easy for you to work with persistent data there are still many traps just waiting to get you and this course will help you to avoid falling into them as it teaches you how to integrate Core Data into your OS X and iOS applications by using a full featured iPad application as its base example for which all the source code is downloadable with the course. The course is made up of 28 chapters three of which can be viewed in full on the course page of the iDeveloper TV website:

Chapter 01: Introduction
Chapter 02: The Core Data Stack
Chapter 03: Xcode Templates
Chapter 04: Managed Object Model
Chapter 05: The Demo Application
Chapter 06: Creating and Saving Objects
Chapter 07: KVC/KVO
Chapter 08: Fetching Data
Chapter 09: Creating NSManagedObject Sub-Classes
Chapter 10: NSPredicate
Chapter 11: Migration: Introduction to Migration
Chapter 12: Migration: Automatic Migration
Chapter 13: Migration: More Complex Migration
Chapter 14: Migration: Manual Migration
Chapter 15: Migration: Summing Up Migration
Chapter 16: Relationships
Chapter 17: Performance : Store Types
Chapter 18: Performance : Faulting
Chapter 19: Performance : Binary Data
Chapter 20: Performance : Entity Inheritance
Chapter 21: Performance : De-normalizing Data
Chapter 22: Performance : Multi-Threading
Chapter 23: Performance : General Tips
Chapter 24: NSFetchedResultsController
Chapter 25: Importing and Exporting
Chapter 26: Syncing
Chapter 27: Transmitting Data
Chapter 28: Summing Up

Marcus S. Zarra is the owner of Zarra Studios LLC and the creator of seSales and iWeb Buddy as well as being a co-author of "Cocoa Is My Girlfriend" a wildly popular blog covering all aspects of Cocoa development. Marcus has been developing software since the mid-1980s and has written software in all of the major technological fields. Marcus has been using Core Data since its original release in OS X 10.4 Tiger and has released numerous applications and papers covering all of the topics of Core Data.

Based in Tetbury, United Kingdom, iDeveloper TV (iDTV) was founded in 2007, originally as The Mac Developer Network (MDN) to provide high quality podcasts, screencasts and video training to the OS X and iOS developer community. iDTV is a privately held, privately financed limited company registered in the UK. Since joining the software industry in 1987, Scotty has worked as a developer, trainer and consultant in the British Isles, Europe, Asia and the USA. Scotty has written many articles for developer websites and magazines as well as featuring as a guest speaker at developer conferences in the UK, Europe and USA. Apple, iOS and OS X, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer.


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