DropImageURL 1.0.7 Released

April 2, 2008 in Utility (E)

[prMac.com] New York - Limit Point Software announces DropImageURL 1.0.7. DropImageURL is a drop application which images a whole web page into a single graphic file, such as a JPEG or a PDF file. In other words DropImageURL makes a screen capture of a web page, including the portions which may not be viewable in your web browser due to its width or height.

The program provides the option to output in various image formats, and to scale the output image by a given percentage.

You can invoke this functionality in numerous convenient ways:

* Drag URLs from your browser's location field onto the status window
* Drag URLs from your browser's location field onto the Dock icon
* Select "Image Browser URL" from the Dock menu to image the front window of your browser
* Select "Image URL" from the DropImageURL menu in your applications Services menu when a text selection is a URL
* Drag "webloc" (web location) files onto the Dock icon or application
* Drag URLs directly from your web browser's displayed pages onto the Dock icon
* Drag the supplied file "DropImageURL.inetloc" into your Safari or FireFox bookmarks bar (renaming as necessary) to create the bookmark.Then click on the bookmark to image the current browser URL in DropImageURL

Once the program begins processing the URL it will display a status window which monitors the progress of the download prior to imaging. A resources pane shows all the resources which were loaded to image the URL (akin to Safari's "Activity Window") The list of URLs can be copied and used for, say, import to a batch downloader such as our Blue Crab web crawler, for individual retrieval.

Select "Preferences..." from the application menu, or the Dock menu, to specify various options:

* Scale image by a given percent
* Specify image format (tiff, jpeg, etc.)
* Set comment to location URL
* Overwrite files by same name, or append a unique ID to differentiate
* Show status window
* Bring application to front
* Open image file in default image viewer
* Select image file in the Finder

DropImageURL is a member of the Limit Point Software Utilities Bundle that consists of a wide array of small task oriented programs: movie and image processing, file management, batch email, web crawling, URL resource downloading, and much more. Register once and own all of them. Upgrades are always free, and new products are always included.

Limit Point Software has been avidly developing software for the Mac community since 1997. In order to improve the usefulness, simplicity and dependability of our products user feedback has always been highly welcome and encouraged.The application areas include web crawling, bulk email, movie processing, document search and much more. A novelty is our collection of "Utility Software," a collection of small, targeted applications and contextual menus that provide an expansive array of functionality all at a single low price.


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