I Cannot Believe that is a FileMaker Pro Shopping Cart Solution

April 8, 2008 in FileMaker (E)

[prMac.com] Richmond, VA - FMWebschool, Inc., Announces Dolphin Cart 1.5 - FileMaker Shopping Cart Solution. Last year we released Dolphin Cart Pro to the FileMaker community. Our goals were simple. Produce a shopping cart system that was easy to deploy. Feature rich without the clutter. Easy for the customer to navigate and make a purchase. The FileMaker community took an active interest and began testing Dolphin Cart Pro in earnest. The feedback was tremendous.

With the help of the community, we developed a powerful clean interface that was elegant, and contained just the right amount of features. We developed a great cart, but we still had to overcome another barrier. That was providing developers without any web experience a familiar environment. Developers needed to feel comfortable deploying a FileMaker driven shopping cart system. We posed this question to the FileMaker community. What can we do to make deploying the database and website easier? The response was unanimous.

Control the website templates and the inner-workings of the shopping cart all from within FileMaker. Give us the tools necessary to make changes ourselves. This was an exciting challenge, we wanted to deliver a system that gave the developer complete control over the look and feel of the website. We created a set of customizable PHP templates that were controlled by FileMaker. This enabled Dolphin Cart users the ability to modify the look and feel of the website to align with their brand without writing any web code.

Another important element was providing a full array of customizable features within the database that were immediately reflected on the web. We set up the database into multiple tables to give the user complete control over the web templates, products, orders, customers, languages, and payment systems. With this accomplished, Dolphin cart users could now easily customize their web templates and set up all of their products within the friendly environment of FileMaker. Not only could users customize their templates but we completely unlocked the Dolphin Cart database so developers could make modifications.

Our last concern was easy deployment. Once the database is ready to be hosted, how could we help make this process easier? Our latest update includes our new 'Dolphin Cart Pro - Setup Wizard'. The setup wizard is a browser based wizard that takes you step by step through publishing your database online and even helps to set up your email client. See the movie here. We also began offering special services at our hosting company at fmGateway where we will help you set up your shopping cart solution and we offer special pricing to Dolphin Cart hosting clients.

Dolphin Cart is simply an elegant solution that allows you to quickly and easily bring your products or services to the web. Why recreate the wheel? We have spent hundreds of hours building, testing and improving Dolphin Cart. If you or your clients need to get your products or services online, then Dolphin Cart is the way to go. To learn more about Dolphin Cart Pro, and see some customers already using Dolphin Cart, please be sure to visit our website.

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