XRackPro Server Rack Models Updated with Air Filtration

April 12, 2008 in Hardware (F)

[prMac.com] Torrance, CA - GizMac Accessories, a leading manufacturer of noise reducing equipment racks for rackmount servers, RAID systems and audio / video equipment, is now shipping the smaller capacities of XRackPro server racks with air filtration.

4U and 6U models of XRackPro2 server racks now feature an air filtration system in addition to reducing noise. The air filtration provides cleaner air into the server rack enclosure and ultimately into computer and other electronic equipment located inside. The controlled airflow of the XRackPro2 server rack aids cooling, improves noise reduction and allows for an air filtering system to function.

"Our smaller server racks may be two of the best values on the market for a limited amount of equipment," says Ken Vitto, Director of Marketing for GizMac Accessories. "With noise reduction, key lockable doors and now air filtration standard, 4U and 6U XRackPro2 server racks have a lot to offer."

Air filters used in the XRackPro2 computer racks are custom made and particularly suited for this application. The pleated design of the filter provides greater surface area for trapping more particles while allowing superior air circulation. The custom air filters are reinforced with a metal grid to prevent collapsing due to the high airflow volume created by the XRackPro rack cooling fans.

The noise reduction feature of the XRackPro2 is perfect in post production facilities for film, video and audio editing; television, cable and radio broadcasting stations; business and medical offices, schools or any other environment that requires low noise. With the air filtering system addition, the XRackPro2 server rack is also a much needed solution for environments with higher than usual levels of dust and other air born particulates.

XRackPro2 4U and 6U server rack models with the new air filtration system are available now; U.S. retail prices are $549.99 and $749.99 respectively. The XRackPro2 noise reducing server rack can be obtained from authorized domestic and international resellers and distributors or purchased directly from the XRackPro web site or by calling the corporate headquarters at (800) 475-1677.

GizMac Accessories LLC is a server rack manufacturer headquartered in the United States. GizMac designs and manufactures innovative rackmount enclosure products for the professional market. The GizMac team is dedicated to providing solutions and support for customers around the world.


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