Kiwi and Pear's World Adventure for iOS: eBook of Best-Selling Hardcover

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[] Westchester, New York - Zephyr Games today introduces Kiwi and Pear's World Adventure for iOS, the eBook version of the best-selling hardcover for kids ages 4 to 8. Kiwi and Pear are two adventurous monkeys who travel and explore the world while spreading love, friendship and smiles to everyone and everything they meet. They have climbed the Great Wall, hiked the Andes, sailed the Nile - they have even been to outer space! Kiwi is curious, fun loving and silly while Pear is good-natured, sensible and mellow. These affectionate monkeys are happiest when together, and are often wrapped in a seemingly endless hug. They do everything together and are rarely apart. A third the cost of the hardcover, the eBook features animated story graphics, professionally produced music and voiceover, and three games based on the story: Fruit Catch, Memory, and World Map.

Kiwi and Pear's World Adventure is a 17-page interactive children's storybook with 3 additional mini-games available from the title screen. The three mini-games are: an arcade-style, falling objects game where the player assists Kiwi and Pear in collecting fruit on the Amazon River; a "Concentration" memory game using cards depicting characters and objects that Kiwi and Pear encounter during their travels; and a geography/map game where kids are asked to match famous landmarks visited by Kiwi and Pear with their respective cities.

The eBook launches in portrait mode, and its vector graphics scale automatically to Retina, iPhone, or older iPod displays. The minimalist graphics are solid color shapes with relatively thick stroke outlines. The drawings are simple but detailed, achieving a joyous realism without shadow or gradient. On selecting the eBook from the splash page, the enthusiastic cartoon voiceover announces, "Let's start the adventure!" The reader sees Kiwi and Pear in a plane, and hears, "No place too far, no adventure too great. Off we go, the world awaits!" Next, our heroes are seen at Golden Gate Park, "We ride a cable car all around town, then we watch the sun go down!" Animated graphics of the pair on the Amazon are displayed, and the narrator rhymes, "On the Amazon River in a canoe made for two, surrounded by rain forest we paddle on through!"

Feature Highlights:
* Kiwi and Pear are look-alike monkeys who take children along with them on their travels
* Besides traveling, Kiwi and Pear love dancing, cupcakes, searching for rainbows, making new friends and all things fruity
* The eBook contains full color graphics and animation for children of the highest quality
* "A great gift for budding geographers!" National Geographic magazine (Hardcover)
* "A sweet and rather cuddly introduction to some noteworthy global locations." Publishers Weekly magazine (Hardcover)
* Follow Kiwi and Pear's World Adventure on Facebook!
* Professional voiceover, music and interactive games

The eBook exhibits very high production values, and all elements blend seamlessly to produce an engaging, entertaining, and enlivening experience. The writer and artist of the original book was Joyce Wan, an award winning designer and teacher. She is the founder of the design studio Wanart, with products based on her designs sold in thousands of boutiques, gift stores, and museum shops throughout the world. Project Development was by John Foster and Blackburst Media, Inc. Audio Design and Engineering was done by The Code International, Steve Horowitz and Robert Carpenter; audio recording at Dubway Studios NYC. Animation and GUI Design was contributed by Kohrtoons Studio, Inc., Rob Kohr, and Steve Hernandez. Finally, the eBook was produced and published by Zephyr Games, Inc., Kenneth Johnson, CEO.

"Joyce Wan, the creator of Kiwi and Pear, wanted the eBook version of her children's book to really allow the children to feel that they are traveling with Kiwi and Pear" stated Developer and Publisher Kenneth Johnson. "and I believe children will love traveling with Kiwi and Pear on their adventures via their handheld device."

Device Requirements:
* iPhone or iPod touch
* iOS 4.0 or later
* 27.3

Pricing and Availability:
Kiwi and Pear's World Adventure 1.0 is $2.99 (USD) and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Games category. Review copies are available upon request.

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