Music production software bundle for Mac and Windows

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[] Reykjavik, Iceland - Audio Heist is a service that will sell music production software, virtual instruments, effect and samples in bundles for both Mac and Windows at unbelievable prices. This way of selling software is well known in the Mac software industry and has had great success for the past four years. This is made possible by getting a large number of people to sign up their emails, the more people sign up, the better the deals will be.

It is a well known fact that software piracy is a common thing in the music industry. Many software companies go long ways to protect their software without luck. Companies that have been successful in protecting their software usually bind their software to run on specific hardware. The high piracy rate also makes it harder for independent software developers to enter the market.

Musicians who are starting out, and are willing to pay for software, often resolve to piracy due to the high prices of music software. Audio Heist aims to offer a new marketplace for new and established software developers. This is a great way for companies to promote their products and gain new audience. And last but not least it's a great way for musicians to get to know new software for a great price.

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