One-school-year free SmileLab licenses for students

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[] Fresnes, France - Satimage-software is pleased to announce Smile 3.3, a new release of its data visualization software. Smile's plotting interface makes easier to plot data by importing files, specifying intermediate computations and access display settings, all in the same interface. That feature opens Smile's usability to most people who needs to visualize data, particularly engineers and students. A video demonstrating the main features is available.

In order to increase the audience of Smile, Satimage-software has decided to offer free temporary SmileLab licenses to students. Those can be requested at the Satimage-software website.

Using Smile's data visualization features requires the SmileLab license ($449 USD for a one-user SmileLab licence, $299 USD for a one-user SmileLab academic license.) We provide time-limited free trial license, valid 2 months, on a one per e-mail address basis, or one-school-year free licenses for students. Read more info about Smile at Satimage-sofware's website.

Satimage-software is a department of Satimage created to take care of the development of Smile, the automation engine that Satimage developed to power custom automated industrial systems.